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November 2020

Resources, tips and tricks for AAUW state and branch leaders

Bragging on Branches (and States!)

Congratulations to the following branches on their achievements in our Five-Star Recognition Program: (California) Citrus Heights – American River; (Illinois) Chicago; (Maine) Waterville; (Michigan) Ann Arbor, Farmington; (New Mexico) Las Cruces; (Texas) Fort Bend County; (Virginia) Mt. Vernon; (Wisconsin) Monona-Madison. We appreciate your participation in the program and all you do for AAUW’s mission.

At the state level, AAUW-VA is leading the pack! Huge kudos to them on hitting the 4-star mark! We look forward to seeing them cross the Five-Star finish line.

We’re also thrilled to recognize the amazing work of 4-star branch AAUW Yamhill County (OR) and 5-star branch AAUW Middletown (OH). Both set a tremendous example of what relatively small branches can achieve in service of gender equity. Check out their success stories below!

Success Stories

Get inspiration and advice from this month’s five-star branch leaders.

Middletown (Ohio): Building on a Rich History

“The AAUW Middletown, Ohio, branch was founded in 1925. Since then, our branch has been working to follow the strategic plan of National AAUW. We have built on our past achievements to reach this point. We decided to pursue “5-Star” success so we could look at our branch through a different lens. Our board discussed ideas on how to show we were implementing the five focus areas and then discussed ideas at our branch membership meetings.

The most interesting part of this process was working on the program focus area. We looked at our programs and activities and saw how they tied in with action steps. For example, we planned a small Family and Friends fundraising dinner. There was information on the tables about National AAUW, and we signed people up for the Two-Minute Activist program. With that fundraiser, our Book Sale, Garage and Holiday Sale, we raised money for National and local scholarships.”

Chris Buchert, president



AAUW Yamhill County (OR)

Planning Programs to Support Equity

“We made sure our programs supported AAUW’s mission and strategic priorities as we planned them. It was easy to appoint a public policy contact for our branch.

Our state has legislative sessions every other year, so we were exempt from the contact with our officials. However, we were motivated to complete our online presence (website) in a timely manner to earn that star. For our members who already contributed to AAUW Funds, we asked if they could help the branch by designating Greatest Needs for their gifts.”

–Linda O’Hara, president

News & Resources

Double Your Impact for Equity

This challenging year has underscored the inequities that make AAUW’s mission so relevant right now. That’s why we are extremely grateful that AAUW’s board, committee leaders and staff have met the moment by putting together their second match of 2020. Now through December 31, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $42,500.

Here’s how your branch can take advantage of this generous match: When submitting your year-end contributions through a Contribution Report Form or similar device, be sure to indicate the donation is for the Year-End Match. These gifts must be for AAUW’s Greatest Needs Fund (#9110) and postmarked by December 31. Even better: give online by midnight ET of the same day to qualify.

If you are sending contributions for individual members, make sure checks are postmarked by December 31 to be logged in this calendar year and acknowledged in 2020 for tax purposes.

10 Ways to Give Smarter

As we embark on the season of giving, consider these tips for donating wisely at the end of 2020, which were vetted by a community of estate planners and financial advisors.

State Leaders: Don’t Forget to Seek Five-Star Success

A reminder to state AAUW leaders: Our state portal is now open for applications. Like the branch portal, you don’t have to submit all your work at once — so don’t delay! Get your applications in today so you can start making progress toward that first star. Have questions about the state application or portal? Reach out to to ask how we can help you get started.

Women Scholars During COVID

AAUW’s recent webinar, titled, “Women Scholars During COVID-19: Solutions for Gender Equity in Academia,” is now available on AAUW’s 2020 convening page. Check it out to learn how the pandemic is affecting women in academia and actionable steps you can take to ensure women can advance in their careers. Many thanks to GEICO for sponsoring this event. Have an idea for a webinar topic? Let us know by reaching out to

Beware Email Scams

Email scammers will pretend to be someone you know by using their names and familiar references in an email. They will ask you to do a favor and purchase gift cards or other non-traceable items. Follow these steps to protect yourself: 1) Do not respond. 2) Delete the email. 3) Contact the friend or relative the scammer is pretending to be and alert them of the incident. Encourage them to contact their email administrator.

AAUW Welcomes New Legacy Circle Members

We gratefully acknowledge these visionary AAUW members and supporters who have recently joined the Legacy Circle: Shari Beck (California), Marge Hobbs (California), Sue Shineman (Missouri) and Julia Stone (Colorado). By making a planned gift to AAUW National, each has embraced equity for future generations of women and girls as part of her personal legacy.

If you have included AAUW National in your estate plans, please contact AAUW Director of Advancement Heather Miller at 202.785.7766 to let us know so that we may celebrate you, too, as a new member of the Legacy Circle!