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Photo of 2017-18 AAUW Career Development Grantee Cortney Cleveland
2017-18 AAUW Career Development Grantee Cortney Cleveland
An Iconic Feminist

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death Marks the Loss of a Pioneering Juror and Inspiring Role Model

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The Gender Pay Gap

New Stats, Same Old Story

Another year, another frustrating statistic for American women and their families: The wage gap between men and women once again has barely budged. As unfathomable as it seems, numbers don’t lie: Women are still compensated just 82 cents for every dollar paid to men. Black women earn only 63 cents and Latinas 55 cents compared to what white men make.

Young professional woman shakes hands with man, accepting job offer.
Boost Your Career

8 Great Job Boards for Diverse Professionals

A growing number of hiring managers are looking for new ways to cultivate diverse, inclusive and equitable workforces. As part of that, many are posting openings on websites that prioritize recruiting people of color.

A Long Way to Go

“Even today, barriers persist that keep many Americans from exercising their Constitutional right to vote. Blatant suppression efforts — such as overly strict I.D. laws, voting roll purges, restrictions on mail-in ballots and inconvenient, understaffed and limited polling places — disproportionately impact women, people of color, voters with disabilities, students and older people.”

AAUW CEO Kim Churches speaking at a podium wearing a light blue dress
2017-18 AAUW Selected Professions Fellow Harpreet Sandhawalia
2017-18 AAUW Selected Professions Fellow Harpreet Sandhawalia
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Follow in the footsteps of award-winning authors, scientists, scholars and trailblazers. Application deadlines run from November to December 2020.

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Work Smart

Articulate Your Value at Work

You’re not bragging about yourself. What you’re really doing is putting forth your capacity — putting forth your qualifications — in a way that … [will] resonate with the person that hopefully is going to hire you … but also stepping out of the many gendered norms about what is and isn’t appropriate about how women can express themselves.”

Our Priority Issues

Faces of AAUW

AAUW refuses to accept a future of unequal pay.

At the end of the day diversity is not only the right thing to do, it’s good for a company’s bottom line. Without action to close the pay gap, unequal pay will be a stark reality for women and families for the indeterminate future. That’s a scenario AAUW refuses to accept.

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Members of AAUW’s Action Network receive urgent email notices and text messages when their advocacy is needed most. With our online Two-Minute Activist tool, it takes just minutes and an internet connection to make your voice heard on issues impacting women and girls!