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Laura Laster, AAUW 2018-19, Career Development Grant
Gala Ola
2021-22 American Fellow Ola Galal
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Dr. Elizabeth Villalobos (AF 2020-21)
Dr. Elizabeth Villalobos (AF 2020-21)
Featured Alumnae

AAUW’s Latina Alumnae Spotlight

AAUW is proud to celebrate LatinX and Hispanic Americans and their invaluable contributions, while also raising awareness about the inequities many still face. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month we are featuring a few of our awardees of Hispanic origin who are working to bring awareness and promote gender equity for women and girls within the LatinX community.

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Research & Data

Deeper in Debt: Women & Student Loans

Student debt is making it nearly impossible for many women to afford their basic living expenses after graduating from college, but AAUW is dedicated to getting the college debt crisis under control. Learn more about how women are disproportionately impacted by student loans — and steps we can take to make college more affordable and accessible for all!

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Featured Article

Why Women Will Suffer the Most if the Supreme Court Rules Against Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Gloria L. Blackwell, CEO of AAUW, was featured in TIME magazine’s recent article highlighting the significant burden of student loan debt on women, particularly due to persistent gender gaps and the need for advanced degrees to match male counterparts.

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Join AAUW in conversation with national staff and outside experts to bring you engaging programming on the issues most important to you. Check out recordings from recent webinars and look out for news of upcoming online events!

Recent Webinar

Delivering on Debt Relief: The Fight for Racial and Gender Justice

Watch AAUW’s most recent webinar in which U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, AAUW CEO Gloria L. Blackwell, Natalia Abrams of the Student Debt Crisis Center, and Kristin McGuire, the executive director of Young Invincibles, discuss how student loan debt puts a disproportionate burden on women of color and contributes to gender and racial inequity.

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