AAUW research report cover for Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans

Report: Women and Student Debt

AAUW’s new analysis finds that women hold the majority of college debt — and take longer to pay it off. Read more »

Reading lesson in a Negro elementary school, Washington, D.C., 1942 (Library of Congress)

Still Separate,
Still Unequal

Sixty-four years after the Brown decision, schools are more segregated than they were in 1968 and black girls have suffered greatly as a result. (Photo: Library of Congress) Read more »

Oyenike Balogun-Mwangi 2015-16 International Fellow

Congratulations to Our 2018–19 Fellows and Grantees!

AAUW is awarding $3.8 million in fellowships and grants to support 245 outstanding women and nonprofit organizations. Read more »

What’s the Gender Pay Gap in Your State?

Interactive map features state pay gap and status of pay equity laws Read more »

It’s Negotiable: Salary Skill Builder

New online, interactive tool to start learning how to effectively negotiate higher salaries Read more »

Closing the pay gap matters to everyone. At AAUW we have a plan.