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AAUW Gatherings: Put Safety First

Many members are understandably eager to return to in-person affiliate gatherings. However, due to the recent rise in the COVID-19 delta variant, we strongly advise caution. It’s critical to follow all city, state and county guidance and be mindful of the risks. The pandemic isn’t over, and many of us regularly engage with young people and others who may be unvaccinated. It’s also worth remembering that virtual gatherings can help enable diversity and inclusion by allowing you to expand your reach to new groups.

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Women Scholars During COVID

Solutions for Gender Equity in Academia

COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect of higher education. The increased need for caregiving, quarantine, social distancing and mental health care all made it harder for women to advance in their careers. In this GEICO-sponsored webinar, Dr. Jessica Malisch shares important research findings and actionable solutions.

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