2023 AAUW Affiliate Bylaws Changes

In spring 2023, AAUW members voted overwhelmingly in favor of changes to the national bylaws. More information about why these changes were proposed can be found here.

Given the nature of changes to the bylaws, all AAUW affiliates will be required to update their bylaws over the next three years. AAUW’s branch and state boards can approve the required changes with a vote of the board – a full vote of the branch or state membership is not required to implement national-mandated changes to affiliate bylaws.

Branches and states are required to adopt the first seven articles found here. Branches and states have up to three (3) years to make the revisions. The deadline for submitting revised bylaws to connect@aauw.org is June 30, 2026.

Affiliates are free to add other articles to their bylaws but all articles should comply with all state and local law requirements and can in no way conflict with AAUW national bylaws and/or policies.

Please reach out to connect@aauw.org with any questions.