Diversity Planning and Structure: Appointing a Diversity Officer

As you embark on diversity and inclusion work as a branch, it will be helpful to have identified one person who can lead the charge. If you don’t currently have a branch diversity officer, use this chart to help you identify someone who could take on this role.


Skills and Qualities You Will Not Compromise On

  • Knowledgeable about diversity and inclusion issues
  • Previously engaged in work related to diversity and inclusion issues in AAUW or elsewhere
  • Actively participates in AAUW
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and willing to com­plete the work
  • Able and willing to collaborate with other members of the branch board
  • Open to new ideas and willing to think out­side the box


Skills and Qualities That Are a Plus but Not a Requirement

  • Experience launching successful diversity and inclusion programs, projects, or initiatives
  • Experience in diversity and equity training

If you are unable to find someone who fits the requirements, the most important thing is to find someone who is eager to learn and willing to do the work.

Remember that this person is not working alone. Your branch board should work together to make plans for diversity and inclusion and support the execution of this work.

This is a part of the AAUW Diversity and Inclusion Tool Kit.


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