AAUW Statement Opposing the Confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON — AAUW Chief Executive Officer Kimberly Churches released the following statement announcing AAUW’s opposition to the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court:

“AAUW’s expectation is that our next Supreme Court justice will support the fundamental rights of all individuals and understand that his or her decisions have a very real impact on the daily lives of women and their families. After careful review of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s available record, it is clear to us that he would not be that justice. Judge Kavanaugh’s record shows that he is willing to do grave harm by undermining positions central to AAUW’s mission, including upending employment and labor rights, opposing reproductive rights and access to health care, entangling public education and religion, and restricting voting rights. The Supreme Court is the arbiter of so many of the rights essential to women and girls, and if confirmed Judge Kavanaugh will have a say in those decisions for decades to come. Therefore, AAUW opposes Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

On the specifics of his available record, Judge Kavanaugh confirmation would put women’s constitutional rights, including abortion, at risk. He has shown opposition to women’s access to reproductive health care and contraception, seeking to delay a woman’s access to an abortion, arguing in support of religious employers who obstruct their employees’ access to contraceptive coverage, and calling into question protections of the Affordable Care Act.

Judge Kavanaugh has shown little support for workers’ rights, including low-wage workers and workers of color. While on the bench, Judge Kavanaugh argued to weaken protections for race and age discrimination, as well as to narrow prohibitions against retaliation. He routinely argued to limit workers’ rights to organize and to narrow the scope of our nation’s labor laws. He has consistently sided with employers and against workers, refusing to support those who seek to improve workplace conditions and to protect those who have experienced discrimination.

While we continue to urge that Judge Kavanaugh’s full record be released to the American public, his available record makes clear that he stands in opposition to the values and mission of AAUW. He is the wrong choice for the Supreme Court and for women and girls. Now more than ever we need a Supreme Court justice who is not beholden to ideology and will be an independent voice. The role the next justice will play in all of our lives is too important for anything less.”

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