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2024 AAUW Annual Art Contest: Empowering Women in Art

Championing gender equity in the arts, the AAUW Art Contest shines a spotlight on women artists. Join us in advancing equality through creativity.

"Hummingbird" by Charlotte Severin, 2022 Art Contest Winner

AAUW Celebrates the Talent & Voices of Women Artists

Only a third of artists represented by commercial galleries are women and women working in arts professions are paid on average 74 cents to every dollar paid to men. This is what motivates AAUW to host an annual art contest—to give women artists the attention they deserve. 

2024 AAUW Art Contest Winners




2024 Art Contest

AAUW Annual Art Contest Rules

You must be an AAUW member or student associate to enter. Join AAUW or renew your membership to become eligible.

Artists may submit up to two pieces of original art. Any art piece entered must be created by the entrant. You are welcome to enter art that was submitted in previous contests, but you may not submit past winning entries. 

  • We accept entries in JPG and JPEG file formats.
  • All images must be high resolution (at least 300 dots per inch).
  • Files must be less than 2 MB.
  • If your entry portrays any identifiable individual(s), we ask that you provide AAUW with a model release form signed by the individual(s) or their guardian(s).
  • Any image of an offensive nature will be excluded from the contest.
  • Entries will be displayed in the art contest gallery within two business days of receipt.

Every year AAUW members eagerly await a shipment of beautifully illustrated note cards featuring the contest finalists’ art. While submissions reflecting AAUW’s mission and values are encouraged all work across all mediums are accepted. Keep in mind that the six winning entries will be featured on a note card so keep that in mind when selecting pieces to submit. These basic guidelines will help your submission shine.

  • Your image should be easy to scale to 4″ x 6.″ We will not use your image if we have to crop out a major part of your work or if details are too small to see at this scale.
  • Your image should be clear. If the image appears fuzzy or pixelated it likely won’t print clearly enough for a note card.
  • The resolution should be 300 dpi or higher. Dpi determines the sharpness of a photo when it’s printed.
  • Your image shouldn’t need major editing. Your image needs to come in at a reasonable quality, which means it has good lighting, sharp focus, and no extraneous frames or holders.

If an entry does not meet these requirements it will not be considered.

The art contest winners are chosen by AAUW members. The images that receive the most votes will appear on note cards that are mailed to tens of thousands of AAUW members across the country.

You must be a current AAUW member or affiliate when voting opens in order to vote in the AAUW Art Contest.

Members may vote ONE TIME for their 10 favorite images.  During the contest, members can log in online and see which entries they’ve voted for. Rally votes for your favorites by sharing with other members!

The note cards will acknowledge the name of the artist and the artwork. If the artist belongs to a branch, the name of that branch will also be acknowledged.

You must agree that by submitting art to the AAUW Art Contest you are providing AAUW with a royalty-free perpetual license to use, reproduce, post, display, or create derivative works in any media associated with AAUW.

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Please direct membership inquiries to connect@aauw.org.