AAUW & COVID-19: Standing Strong through Crisis

A Connected Community

During this challenging time, AAUW stands together as a caring and connected community. For nearly 140 years, we have been there for one another and fought for the economic security of American women and families. Throughout the coming weeks, months and years, AAUW will accelerate our efforts to address the persistent and underlying inequities that are crucial for a full recovery. Together, we can ensure that we end up with a better, more economically secure world for women.

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Deeper in Debt

Women and Student Loans in the Time of COVID-19

The global pandemic is making the country’s student debt crisis much worse, and women bear the greatest financial burden. Unless policymakers act to address student debt and bolster the U.S. economy, millions of women college graduates will face unprecedented burdens that will hamper their economic security for years to come.

Stay Connected

Message from Julia Brown

A video message to members from AAUW Board Chair Julia Brown on our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission has never been more important as women are deeply affected by the current crisis. Stay safe, stay home, and stay connected!

Female doctor holding placard with 'I stay at work for you, you stay at home for us' message during coronavirus pandemic.

Considering COVID-19 through a Gender Lens

From essential workers to calm, competent leaders, women around the world are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

How Our Members and Branches Are Staying Connected

AAUW members, branches and states are making use of tech tools — such as Zoom, conference calls, instant messaging and other platforms — to stay connected, having virtual meetings and conversations. Here are insights from a few our affiliate leaders about how they’re staying connected during this challenging time.


We use Skype meetings. Fortunately, I got this set up last summer as a way for members to attend general meetings if they were unable to attend in person. Little did I know, we would need it for our board to meet. We will be having a board meeting again in a few weeks to discuss how we will honor the girls chosen for Tech Trek camp and the STEM Scholars.

Mary Chesney, AAUW Stanwood-Camano Branch


AAUW Texas has canceled its 2020 convening. However, some of the supplies we had intended to hand out at the event, including copies of the national membership brochure and ‘A Suffragist Coloring Book’ created by the LWV St. Louis, will be mailed to branches instead. I belong to two branches in the Fort Worth area, and both have ceased all face-to face meetings, but we encourage checking on each other through FaceBook, by telephone, by email etc. Northeast Tarrant county branch has encouraged an adopt-a-member program to keep in touch with those who live alone.

Gloria Long, AAUW Texas

We joined AAUW not only because we totally support its mission, but also because we enjoy the many friendships that we have formed during the years. These relationships have sustained us and held us up during good times and those not so good. We form circles of women who support us when we need it and celebrate our successes.  We all feel the need for support now.”

Georgia Applegate, AAUW Oregon

Other Helpful Suggestions from AAUW Oregon

  • Read the same book and have a book discussion.
  • Show and tell with items members have created or appreciate, such as paintings, sculpture, music, written material, etc.
  • Invite members to share a story about themselves.
  • Hold small virtual lunches or dinners with conversation starters.
  • Ask each person to choose a TED Talk for the group to watch and discuss a couple at each meeting.


AAUW and the Impact of Coronavirus

How we’re fighting to keep women and their families safe, healthy and financially sound in the wake of COVID-19.

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