Frequently Asked Questions

The Community Hub is AAUW’s database for members, supporters and other contacts. By setting up an account on Community Hub, you can manage your personal profile, renew your membership and donate. If you are an AAUW president/administrator, membership vice president or finance officer, you can also access your branch’s roster and manage memberships (join/renew/transfer members) and donations on behalf of others.

The Community Hub requires users to log in with an email address and password that you create.

Performing bulk renewals and donations means that you’re engaged in the process of renewing multiple memberships (or processing multiple donations) at the same time, on behalf of your branch members. This is done using the Renewals and Donations application within the Community Hub. 

President/administrators, membership vice presidents or finance officers can access your branch’s roster and manage memberships (join/renew/transfer members) and donations on behalf of others.

President/administrators, membership vice presidents and finance officers can access the branch roster through their personal snapshot by choosing MY AFFILIATIONS from the menu on the left navigation.

Go to MY AFFILIATIONS > click the blue button to the right of your branch name to view the options > choose MANAGE ROSTER. Click EXPORT ROSTER to download and view member status.

The state leaders (president/administrator, finance, and membership) were added to all branch rosters as part of the expansion to their access rights within the new system. This allows state leaders to access and assist branches if needed with committee and membership management. The Export Branch Rosters now have a column Is State Manager added to help easily identify these leaders.

You can pay by debit, credit card or ACH through the Community Hub. Checks are also accepted but not encouraged. When sending checks, please send by certified mail for tracking purposes.

Currently, coupon codes are used for new joins who come in under the Shape the Future (STF) campaign. See instructions How to Add/Join New Members in the AAUW Community Hub. 

Use the instructions titled How to Add/Join New Members in the AAUW Community Hub

You’re searching for an existing member and joining them to your branch.

Dual members (those who belong to more than one AAUW branch affiliate) should self-renew so that they can process all of their memberships in a single transaction. If a dual member has paid you separately, you may add them to your roster without making a payment. Use the instructions on how to add a member detailed at How to Add/Join New Members in the AAUW Community Hub.

Please review the following table for a listing of join dates and corresponding expiration dates. For renewing members, as long as you renew within your grace period which is three months after your expiration date, you will maintain your current expiration date.

Join between1st and 15th of:  
Expiration will be: 
January December 31, 2023
February January 31, 2024
March February 29, 2024
April March 31, 2024
May April 30, 2024
June May 31, 2024
July June 30, 2024
August July 31, 2024
September August 31, 2024
October September 30, 2024
November October 31, 2024
December November 30, 2024

Join between 16th and end of:  
Expiration will be:
January January 31, 2024 
February February 29, 2024 
March March 31, 2024 
April April 30, 2024 
May May 31, 2024 
June June 30, 2024 
July July 31, 2024 
August August 31, 2024 
September September 30, 2024 
October October 31, 2024 
November November 30, 2024 
December December 31, 2024 

Current is when you are within the 12 months of the membership from start/join date to end/expire date. Grace is 90 days after the end/expire date where a member can still renew without lapse in the membership. Future is when the membership is renewed beyond 12 months.

To donate on behalf of your members online, see instructions for How to Handle Renewals and Donations in the AAUW Community Hub.

Donating on behalf of your branch currently requires staff intervention in the Community Hub. Please email Connect2AAUW at with the branch or state you are donating on behalf of, the amount of the gift, and any fund restrictions. When emailing please indicate ‘Branch’ or ‘State Donation’ in the subject line of your email. If you’d prefer to send a check, please provide us with USPS Priority Tracking and send payment to AAUW Inc., P.O. Box 98045, Washington D.C., 20090-8045. 

Leaders can request National to file the 990N by logging in to their personal snapshot. Choose My Affiliations from the left menu. Next, click the blue button beside the affiliate name, then click Tax Information. Choose Add New Tax Details. Your submission is confirmation of your request and it remains on file viewable by other leaders within your affiliate. Once National files, the actual IRS filing results are emailed to the requesting officer and serves as proof of filing for the tax year. Leaders have until October 15 to request AAUW to file on their behalf.

Attending our virtual Office Hours is a great way to address more specific problems and questions you may have in your role as a member leader. These hour-long sessions take place every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. ET and Thursday at 3:30 p.m. ET. You can sign up for Tuesday sessions here or Thursday sessions here. 

Please visit our Community Hub Tools and Resources page for more detailed information and training videos.

Please do not attempt to process a payment if you believe it’s incorrect. Please send an email explanation to so that we can further assist you.