Shape the Future Campaign

The Shape the Future membership campaign is a tool that branches can use to recruit and retain members. With this campaign, branches can offer 50% off national dues when prospective members join AAUW at an event or meeting. Branches also earn one free national membership for every two new members they recruit, with a maximum of three free memberships annually.

How to Use the Shape the Future Campaign

Step 1

Hold an event or meeting and offer the discounted membership rate to attendees. People say the top reason they join AAUW is our mission! Have a presence at local events that attract large audiences that would find AAUW appealing.

Co-sponsor with local community colleges or colleges and universities, and community organizations such as the Girl Scouts or the YWCA. Spotlight local issues that will allow you to collaborate with other groups, including those with different membership bases.

Step 2

Invite participants to join on the spot to receive 50% off national dues. Remember: All national dues are tax deductible.

Step 3

Have the participant complete your membership form and pay the discounted national dues, plus state and branch dues in total to the branch finance officer. The finance officer should process the membership and payment within 10 days of the event.


Who Is Eligible for Membership?

AAUW membership is open to anyone with an associate (or equivalent, e.g., RN) degree or higher from an accredited educational institution. A “new member” is someone entirely new to AAUW or an individual who rejoins after two or more years of lapsed membership.

A national member who joins a branch may not be a new member. “New members” are the only members eligible for the membership discount through this campaign.

How Do We Redeem Our Free Memberships?

Check the Status Report (July23/Nov23/March24) to see how many free memberships your branch has earned. Use the Redemption Form to submit your free national memberships via email. Memberships are processed weekly.


Remember that:
  • Free memberships earned by the branch can be given to anyone who qualifies for membership.
  • Free memberships must be used within the fiscal year in which they are earned but no later than September 30.
  • There are no refunds/reimbursements. Please do not send national dues for those who are to receive the free national memberships.
  • Share recruitment success stories with us for the Membership Matters e-newsletter!