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AAUW National Board

The board of directors of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) provides strategic leadership and fiduciary oversight for the organization. Board members share a passion for AAUW’s mission of advancing equity for women and girls through research, education and advocacy.

The work of the board is challenging and invigorating, as it deals with issues central to AAUW’s long-term success. The board makes major decisions, provides direction to the CEO, and exercises strategic leadership, but is not involved in day-to-day management or operations of the organization.

AAUW Board of Directors Policy Book

The Board provides oversight and strategic guidance to the organization, making major decisions, setting policies, overseeing and providing leadership and guidance to staff, and ultimately being responsible for the organization’s long-term success.  Serving on the Board provides individual Directors the opportunity to use their individual and collective talents and provides an opportunity to develop strong relationships with fellow Board directors, staff, and organizational members.  The collective responsibilities of Board members include:

  • Participating in the development and implementation of the ongoing strategic direction and strategic plan.
  • Selecting, supporting, and reviewing the CEO.
  • Protecting the organization’s financial assets and ensuring adequate financial resources to carry out the mission.
  • Approving and monitoring the annual financial budget.
  • Assessing and monitoring the organization’s programs and services.
  • Building and enhancing a positive organizational image.
  • Ensuring the legal and ethical integrity of the organization.
  • Approving governance matters, public policy priorities and other proposals to be voted on by the membership.

The individual responsibilities of the Board members include:

  • Supporting and being an ambassador for the organization’s mission, vision, and purpose.
  • Conducting oneself according to the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Devoting the time and energy to prepare, attend, and participate in Board meetings and other Board programs and functions.
  • Participating on committees, subcommittees, task forces, and state liaison meetings.
  • Being available to lead by serving as Board officers and committee chairs.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of Board proceedings.
  • Supporting the organization financially at a meaningful level.

AAUW’s Board of Directors is composed of 15 AAUW members, including 12 elected and three appointed board members. Board members serve on staggered terms—each year four members are elected and one member is appointed to the board. Board members serve three-year terms and may serve up to two consecutive terms.

The AAUW Board of Directors meeting minutes are provided to keep AAUW members informed about Board deliberations. The AAUW Board of Directors meets quarterly at the AAUW headquarters offices in Washington, D.C. unless otherwise noted.

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Volunteer Committees

Serving on an AAUW committee is a wonderful way to give back to the organization and shape the future for women and girls. Our national committees advise AAUW’s board of directors on public policy priorities, inclusion, equity, organizational governance and more. They also provide opportunities to lead and connect to the AAUW community.

Advancement Committee

Develops and implements strategies related to fundraising and member engagement.

Audit Committee

Assists the board with AAUW’s financial reporting and audit process, and ensures AAUW complies with laws and regulations.

Executive Committee

Helps the board of directors to act on important issues that arise between board meetings and oversees the corporate and legal affairs of AAUW.

Finance Committee

Oversees AAUW’s financial strategy and performance and makes recommendations about the organization’s financial affairs and policies, including the annual budget and investments (other than long-term funds).

Governance Committee

Helps the board ensure the effectiveness of the governance of AAUW.

Investment Committee

Advises AAUW on how to invest and manage long-term funds based on AAUW’s investment policies and recommends investment advisors to the board.

Nominating Committee

Recruits and nominates qualified candidates for election or appointment to the board.

Inclusion and Equity Committee

Works to improve the diversity and inclusion of AAUW’s membership.

Public Policy Committee

Counsels AAUW on its six-month and two-year public policy priorities, and advises members on important advocacy work.

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AAUW accepts applications for the board of directors year-round. AAUW’s Nominating Committee reviews all applications and will follow-up with all applicants. Please email with any questions.

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The Volunteer Committees application opens April 23, and closes on May 17, 2024. AAUW reviews all applications and will follow-up with all applicants.

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