Candidates for the
AAUW Board Of Directors

AAUW’s Board of Directors is made up of 15 AAUW members, including 12 board members elected by the AAUW membership and three board members appointed by the board of directors. This year, the first year of implementation of staggered board terms, members will vote on a chair, vice chair, and 10 directors. Board responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of the organization’s mission and goals and implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Approval and oversight of AAUW’s annual budget and regular review of finances and investments.
  • Oversight and annual evaluation of the CEO.
  • Oversight of legal and compliance issues.
  • Approval of governance matters including appointment of committees, review of bylaw changes, Public Policy Priorities and other proposals to be voted on by the membership, and board evaluation.

Board members should have:

  • A clear understanding of the fiduciary duties of directors and the governance function of a national nonprofit board.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience with AAUW or other non- or for-profit organizations, particularly national or international in scope.
  • Expertise in one or more specific areas such as advocacy, business management, communication, diversity and inclusion, finance, fundraising, non-profit governance, marketing, public policy, research, social media, strategic planning and/or technology.
  • A commitment to contribute financially to AAUW annually.
  • The time and energy required to participate fully in the work of the board.

To learn more about each candidate for the AAUW Board of Directors and ask them questions via our new interactive question and answer feature, please visit the candidate pages below:

Julia Brown

Candidate for Chair
I’m currently National Board Chair, I believe a lot has been accomplished during my term. My voice has been a strong one — I would like the opportunity to complete several collaborative efforts to increase AAUW’s visibility and sphere of influence. I believe continuity of leadership is critical to the organization’s continued growth and success. Having those who currently serve on the board and those who have served on national boards or in senior positions with other organizations would be a great benefit to AAUW, especially in implementation of the new strategic plan and diversification and inclusion efforts. Read more »

Malinda Gaul

Candidate for Vice Chair
I discovered my passion for AAUW more than 30 years ago, when I was asked to be a volunteer attorney with the Legal Advocacy Fund. I believe in the mission of AAUW and have actively supported that mission by serving in leadership positions at the local, state and national levels. I am an employment attorney advocating for the rights of employees, so AAUW has been the perfect complement to my professional career. I am seeking the position of Vice Chair because I have the AAUW experience, dedication and unique professional ability to serve AAUW at this level. Read more »

Andrea (Dia) Cirillo

I stand as a candidate for the AAUW board because I believe that our network is essential to achieving equity for all women and girls. My work with AAUW in Tennessee demonstrates that we can meet the challenges of the 21st century. AAUW Tennessee participates in an annual lobby day and has its first millennial president-elect. AAUW Murfreesboro is nearly 30 percent women of color, hosts a fundraising arm and shares a countywide table of 17 organizations serving women and girls. I hope to leverage this experience and my expertise in social change initiatives to propel AAUW national under the new plan. Read more »

Lynn Gangone

I’m a career education leader who has served PK-12 schools, higher education institutions and associations. My experience in both higher education and state/ national higher education association work affords me leadership/management expertise in key areas of AAUW (strategic planning, budgeting, fund raising and state/ federal policy analysis and advocacy). I have continually served girls and women as a women’s college vice president and, later, academic dean; led a national women’s higher education association; and served on the national board of the Girls Scouts. I have strong national and international networks of women, which can assist AAUW in reaching its strategic goals. Read more »

Elizabeth (Beth) Haynes

AAUW is both a grassroots member organization and a thriving nonprofit. I am passionate about its mission and embrace furthering it at the local and national levels. I am analytical, able to quickly distill a convoluted issue down to its important components. I “think on my feet,” while carefully researching and evaluating all sides before making decisions. I am equally comfortable taking on leadership and mentoring roles or working as part of a team. Although collegial in any role, I am incisive when necessary. I will always keep AAUW’s interests at the forefront. Read more »

Jenna Howard

I have enormous respect for AAUW’s long history and influence on a range of issues that advance equity for women and girls. Today, more than ever before, AAUW’s research, training, policy and advocacy work will deliver real impact if effectively deployed. My role on the CREW DC board with its mission of advancement of women in commercial real estate and my focus at Lockton on women’s leadership opportunities make me uniquely positioned for the AAUW Board of Directors. Strong board leadership is vital to the sustainability of an organization and should not be taken lightly. The AAUW Board of Directors must demonstrate competence, character, courage and credibility to fulfill the goals described in the strategic plan. I am excited for the opportunity to serve AAUW as a board director with each of these attributes. Read more »

Karen Kirkwood

As an incumbent board member, I have thorough knowledge of the new strategic plan. I have the commitment and time required to be an active board member. My active, longtime membership has given me vast knowledge of the organization. My leadership in AAUW and other organizations has given me the skills needed to help lead AAUW into the future. My commitment to AAUW through experience, current board membership, paid life membership, financial support, public speaking experience, fundraising experience, financial knowledge and certification as a Start Smart and Work Smart facilitator makes me a particularly strong candidate. Read more »

Eileen Menton

My professional and volunteer experience at the U.S. Department of Justice and VGIF focused on implementing major organizational changes that required both vision and pragmatism. AAUW is addressing complex and challenging issues, including implementation of the strategic plan and serious financial challenges. I have a broad understanding of the operations of AAUW, having served as an officer at the state and local levels and on national task forces and as a major annual donor for more than 15 years. As a national board director, I have gained invaluable experience working with fellow board members and staff to address our challenges. Read more »

Susan Nenstiel

I am a take-charge person willing to tackle opportunities and take charge in my professional and personal life. I bring many gifts with my skill set of being a planner, an innovator, strategic thinker, business person and fundraiser. I am a compassionate leader who people seek out for advice and mentoring. Read more »

Lee Roper-Batker

In the United States and around the world, we are on the road to equity. For more than 30 years, I have been a state and national leader in this movement — from the disability community to reproductive rights to the fight for gender and racial equity. My leadership is rooted in the power of collective impact to catalyze innovation, research to ignite action, and policy to change systems and culture. I believe our journey to a world where women and girls are ensured economic opportunity, safety and leadership is intersectional and requires vision, strategy, cross-sector partnerships, research, policy and resources. Read more »

Cheryl (Cherie) Sorokin

Gender equity is still elusive, but AAUW is making a difference. As a proud Life Member, it’s been an honor to be on the board as we’ve honed AAUW’s focus on education, economic security, leadership and governance, and begun to address the real challenges we face as an organization, including declining branch membership and funding constraints. If re-elected, I will work to position AAUW for even greater impact, using my extensive leadership and business experience in forprofit and nonprofit organizations, together with my love for AAUW and its mission, to help create an organization sustainable well into the future. Read more »

Mardy Stevens

The challenges of financial stability, building new audiences and achieving success in our bold strategic plan requires my values of courage, integrity and problem solving. Collaboration at all levels and in all arenas — a listener and communicator — is my style. I regularly travel to different venues to better understand our culture, learn of others’ platforms and engage strategic action. In varied leadership roles, I have shown adaptability to changing the climate and connecting to elevate our presence. As a 30-year member, my perseverance, knowledge and commitment are strong. My passion for AAUW will lead us to achieve equity for all. Read more »

Mary Zupanc

I am a professor at University of California-Irvine and chief of neurology at CHOC Children’s Hospital, and the only physician on the AAUW board. I bring an important perspective on issues of gender equity for professional women. As a leader in medicine, I have gained important skills: strategic planning, fundraising, collaboration, mentorship, public health advocacy. I’m an active participant on the AAUW Strategic Planning Task Force to advance gender equity for women through research, education and advocacy. I am action-oriented and committed to working with our branches to implement the strategic plan in creative ways that are locally relevant and energizing. Read more »