Our innovative curricula are grounded in the latest research and offer best practices for navigating the complexities of job offers and promotion opportunities.

The workshops help participants learn about:

  • The gender pay gap
  • Determining their personal value
  • Setting their target salary and benefits
  • Creating a strategies – to build their pitch, deflect and respond persuasively

Join campuses nation-wide and bring our curriculum to your students, faculty, and alumni.

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AAUW works with partners across the public and private sector, including companies, employee resource groups (ERGs) and professional associations, to strengthen women’s self-advocacy skills. Standard licenses start at $750 per workshop.

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AAUW participates in conferences, symposia and convenings across the U.S. offering salary negotiation training and joining conversations on career and leadership development, pay equity and economic security.

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Share and promote AAUW’s free Work Smart Online training and empower the women you know to ask for and get the pay they deserve.

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