AAUW Denounces the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision on Student Loan Forgiveness

WASHINGTON — The American Association of University Women (AAUW), the leading organization for equity in higher education and women’s economic empowerment, denounced today’s Supreme Court ruling on Biden v. Nebraska. 

The following is a statement from Gloria L. Blackwell, AAUW’s Chief Executive Officer: 

Today’s decision by the court’s conservative majority leveled a devastating blow against student borrowers. This decision deals an even heavier hit to the nation’s millions of women borrowers particularly Black and brown women, who face a disproportionate financial impact from student loan debt. Undoubtedly, this misguided decision will have a snowball effect on women’s economic security and that of their families. 

“While we encourage Congress to actively pursue measures to lower the student debt burden on women and their families, we recognize that in today’s highly charged political environment, Pres. Biden has a vital role to play. To make a meaningful difference for American women—who hold nearly two-thirds of the nation’s student-loan debt—his administration must provide permanent solutions to canceling student debt and expanding loan-repayment programs. 

Between yesterday’s affirmative action rulings and today’s decision on student debt, AAUW is committed to fighting for women and communities of color to have equal access to the affordable, quality higher education necessary for an equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. 


AAUW (American Association of University Women) is the nation’s leading organization for equity in higher education and women’s economic empowerment.

Founded in 1881 by women who defied society’s conventions by earning college degrees, AAUW has since worked to increase women’s access, opportunity, and equity in higher education through research, advocacy, and philanthropy of over $140 million, supporting thousands of women scholars. Learn more at aauw.org.