AAUW’s Commitment to Inclusion & Equity

Dear AAUW Member,

Thank you for deepening your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by engaging with our toolkit. The idea for this resource came about after AAUW updated its strategic plan in 2018 to focus more explicitly on promoting inclusion, diversity and intersectionality across all of our activities. It was created by AAUW’s Inclusion and Equity Committee of member leaders.

As AAUW members, we need to not only value the importance of intersectionality, diversity and equity, we must do the work — and it is lifelong work, core to our mission and vision. Simply put, we cannot achieve gender equity without addressing this country’s deeply rooted racism. The injustices of today mirror our shameful history, from police brutality to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color to the larger pay gap faced by Black women and Latinas.

AAUW’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is not about words in a strategic plan, and it must not be limited to efforts to diversify our staff and nationally elected board. Rather, it is about ensuring that all of our 170,000 members and advocates are truly invested in our vision of equity for all. That means we must set bold goals and hold each other accountable for achieving them.

This toolkit is a roadmap, but it is just a beginning. I want each of you to commit to your own lifelong learning. It’s up to you to continue reading, listening, and taking action. I invite you to open your heart, your mind, your ears and your eyes and dive into this work with us.

Finally, I want to extend my appreciation to past and present members of the Inclusion & Equity Committee and to express my deep gratitude for all the thoughtful work that went into creating this toolkit.

In solidarity,

Gloria L. Blackwell
Chief Executive Officer