International Fellowships Application

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Application Instructions

The following items constitute a complete application. If any item is missing, the application will be considered incomplete and will be disqualified. Please see the full application instructions for more detail.

  1. Eligibility Quiz
  2. Online Form
    1. TOEFL Information
    2. Degree/Study Plan
    3. Academic/Professional Background
    4. Financial Information
    5. Personal Statement
    6. Filing Fee – $30 (nonrefundable)
    7. Transcript(s)
    8. Proof of Bachelor’s Degree
    9. Proof of Doctorate Degree (Postdoctoral Applicants Only)
    10. Official Report of TOEFL Test Scores or Request for Waiver
    11. Letter of Admission or Names of Institution to Which Applicant Has Applied
  3. Recommendations (3)

Award Information

Fellowship year: July 1–June 30
Master’s/First Professional Degree Fellowship: $18,000
Doctoral Fellowship: $20,000
Postdoctoral Fellowship: $30,000
Applications available: August 1Application deadline: December 1*
* Applications, supporting documents, and recommendations will be accepted on the following business day if the deadline falls on a weekend. The online application and recommendation forms will state the actual submission deadline.


Please direct all questions about applications to Scholarship America, AAUW’s official application processing center. Please do not contact the AAUW office in Washington, D.C., or local branches for fellowship or grant application information. Call 319.688.4334 or e-mail