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Women pursuing graduate degrees, research, and projects can apply now for AAUW’s 2015–16 fellowships and grants. Read more »


Not Enough Change

Every six months we analyze the latest census numbers, but for more than 10 years we haven’t seen much of a change in the gender pay gap. Read more »

2015 AAUW National Election

It’s your AAUW, so your voice counts. This one-stop election shop will provide everything you will need to know about running for office, the bylaws and Public Policy Program, and voting. Read more »

Resource   |   October 01, 2014

Leader Essentials: A Collection of Resources for AAUW Officers

Leader Essentials (formerly the Starter Kit) contains resources to help AAUW branch and state volunteer leaders accomplish their recruitment and retention, programming, fundraising, and other organizational goals to keep the AAUW community thriving. Read more »

Resource   |   August 01, 2014

Member Services Database (MSD)

The AAUW Member Services Database (MSD) is your online access to AAUW’s national database records. Read more »

Resource   |   February 20, 2014

2009: The last time Congress did anything about the gender pay gap.

When politicians refuse to take action on fair pay, families lose.
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