A doctor's hands holding a stethoscope behind her back.

Take Action: Protect Our Care

Senators need to hear our opposition to any efforts that gut, repeal, or lessen health care access and coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Speak up now! Read more »

AAUW research report cover for Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans

It’s Here! Read AAUW’s Latest Research on Women and Student Debt

Learn why our country’s $1.3-trillion student debt burden falls unfairly on women. Read more »

Hand card, I love Title IX because...

Find Your Title IX Coordinator with AAUW’s Updated Tool!

You found your K-12 coordinator. Now locate the point person for local colleges and universities. Read more »

NCCWSL 2017 attendees

Make This
School Year
the Best One Yet!

AAUW programs help you lead and build your résumé. Be the first to know when applications open! Read more »

A person's hand watering a sprouting plant.

How to Build New Leaders in Your Branch

Learn how to delegate tasks and responsibilities in order to increase member engagement and pass on leadership roles. Read more »

Resource   |   June 24, 2016

Prepare for the Upcoming Year with Board Member Transition Tools

Set next year’s board up for success by using AAUW’s board member transition tools. These how-to guides will help you reflect on the past year and strategically align your branch to have a successful year. Read more »

Resource   |   May 12, 2016

Member Services Database (MSD)

The AAUW Member Services Database (MSD) is your online access to AAUW’s national database records. Read more »

Resource   |   February 20, 2014
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