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Lady Justice

AAUW Applauds Decision in Sun v. University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

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Plaintiff Lulu Sun, who received case support from the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund, was awarded significant damages, including $200,000 for emotional distress. Read more »

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AAUW staff celebrating their alma maters

Orientation Webinar for C/U Chairs

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With the start of a new school year, we invite member leaders to learn new updates about C/U relationships and to understand what resources are currently available to help you do your job better. Read more »

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Beatrice Tinsley

This Astronomer Had to Make the Hardest Career Choice

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Imagine if you and your partner were both brilliant minds in the same field, but because you were refused any official academic appointment near home, you had to choose between your family and your career. Read more »

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Home ec students learn to sew in 1961.

Feminism and Home Ec: An Unlikely Partnership?

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When it started, home ec was something quite different from what you might remember of learning how to cook casseroles and hem skirts. Read more »

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AAUW fellows

AAUW’s New Fellows and Grantees Join a Prestigious Community

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AAUW today announced the award of $3.7 million to its 2014–15 class of fellows and grantees. Selected from a wide pool of competitive applicants, the 244 awardees now join the ranks of Nobel Prize winners, celebrated authors, social entrepreneurs, and prominent scholars who have used AAUW funding to advance equality for women and girls. Read more »

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Jessica Gottsleben headshot

Nervous about Running for Office? Here’s How to Win, Even If You Lose

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Failure is a scary prospect for everyone, and it makes taking risks inherently hard. But losing doesn’t make the race worthless — take it from some Elect Her students. Read more »

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