NCCWSL Steering Committee

NCCWSL would not be possible without our dedicated volunteer steering committee. Coordinating activities in our host location, leveraging professional networks to market the conference, and lending expertise in student life to guide program content are just some of the ways these dedicated individuals help bring our conference to life. Committee members come from campuses and leadership institutions all across the country and are passionate about creating an empowering, inclusive space for you to harness your leadership potential.

Steering Committee


Hafeezah Abdullah

Special Event Sub-Committee

Stephanie Baker

Scholarship Sub-Committee

Allison Boone Green

Volunteer Sub-Committee and Campus Professional Event Sub-Committee

Debra Bright

Scholarship Sub-Committee

Chelsea Williams

Campus Professionals Events Sub-Committee

Angela Clark-Taylor

Scholarship Sub-Committee

Narges Ershad

Workshop and Scholarship Sub-Committee

Rebecca Halligan

Volunteer Sub-Committee

Jeannine Heynes

Student Support Sub-Committee

Jess Myers

Campus Professionals Sub-Committee

Meghan Riley

Workshop Sub-Committee

Melissa Robertson

Scholarship Sub-Committee

Beth Steiner

Student Support Sub-Committee and Workshop Sub-Committee

Sherri Watson

Student Support Sub-Committee


NCCWSL Steering Committee, we thank you!