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AAUW invites hundreds of college women from around the country for leadership training, inspiration and networking at our National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

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NCCWSL 2024: Dare to Be

NCCWSL is designed to give young women the opportunity not only to enhance their leadership skills and build their network, but also, to connect with potential employers. By joining our core circle of sponsors, your company will sit at the forefront of this work. A NCCWSL sponsorship allows you to increase your brand recognition and build your talent pipeline, while supporting the inspiring women leaders of tomorrow. AAUW offers a variety of opportunities for corporate partners, including underwriting, participation in our workshops and training sessions, and access to our exhibitor gallery.

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We are proud to partner with companies and individuals who value the importance of supporting women leaders. Contact us at partnerships@aauw.org to become a NCCWSL sponsor. Learn more about becoming a sponsor, here.

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Faces of AAUW

Change the World

If you get a committed group of women in the room on the same page with a clear freedom agenda, we can change the world. That is the power of collectivity and I fundamentally believe in that.

Each year nearly 800 college women leaders join AAUW for three days of leadership education and training designed to ignite their future careers and initiate advocacy on their campuses and in their local communities.

NCCWSL brings together world-class speakers, top brands, and hundreds of passionate and inspired college women who are eager to become the leaders of tomorrow. With more than 10,000 attendees over the conference’s history, it is the premier leadership event for college women across the country.

As a NCCWSL sponsor, you will promote your brand and increase recognition in front of 800 college women representing diverse backgrounds, fields of study, and interests. Top majors represented at the conference included STEM, business, political science, and communications. Many of these young leaders are engaged on campus through student government and civic engagement; identity-based and social justice clubs; or academic and pre-professional organizations.

Faces of AAUW

Inspire a Nation

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to empowering women because we know that when we inspire women, we inspire a nation.