NCCWSL National Scholarship Guidelines

National Scholarships

Students must apply through AAUW’s online application to be considered for a national scholarship. Students who apply for a national scholarship DO NOT fill out a separate registration. Scholarships cover registration for the NCCWSL full or partial registration. 

Registration includes access to all workshops and events, 2 nights housing for residential attendees (Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31, 2024), and meals 2 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner for both residential and commuter attendees. 

Selection Process

Awardees are selected by the NCCWSL Scholarship Committee, comprised of members of our independent NCCWSL Steering Committee. The review committee evaluates each application according to our national scholarship criteria. Full scholarships are awarded first to the top candidates. The total amount of scholarships AAUW awards varies by year based depending on contributions to the NCCWSL Scholarship Support fund.   

Contributions to the NCCWSL Scholarship Support fund scholarships for students from across the U.S. Branches that support NCCWSL through contributions to this fund do not select recipients, nor do they decide how their funds are allocated.

The NCCWSL Scholarship Committee reviews and selects applicants, with final oversight by the AAUW NCCWSL team.

After decisions are sent out and awards are accepted, scholarship awardees will be registered by the AAUW NCCWSL team. If an applicant is not awarded a scholarship but would still like to attend, they will be able to register at our early-bird rate.   

How to Donate to the NCCWSL Scholarship Support Fund   

If you are interested in donating to the NCCWSL Scholarship Support fund, Visit the program donation page here. Contributions of any amount are accepted and 100% of donations are used for sending a student to NCCWSL. There is no limit on the number of scholarships awarded; the more donations received, the more students are able to attend the conference.   


For questions regarding NCCWSL registrations or AAUW National Scholarships, please reach out to the conference coordinators at   

Interested students seeking financial assistance in the form of local sponsorships may contact their local branch. use our online tool to locate your representative.