AAUW Statement on the Coronavirus Relief Plan

The following is a statement by AAUW CEO Kim Churches:

AAUW hails today’s signing of the American Rescue Plan, not only for the immediate relief it will provide to Americans who have suffered throughout the pandemic, but for the signal this law sends about the importance of addressing the needs of women and their families.

The plan, which includes expanded child tax credits, significant payments to child-care providers, funding for education and nutrition programs, and tax-free status for forgiven student debt, will no doubt significantly ease the slow path to recovery for women, who have disproportionately suffered in the shattered COVID economy. But it also will provide a badly needed blueprint for ongoing programs and policies that will help American families even after the effects of the pandemic subside.

AAUW applauds this robust relief package and looks forward to continuing to work with Congress and the administration to address the pressing needs of women and families, most notably raising the minimum wage, providing expansive paid family and medical leave, and ensuring pay equity for all.