AAUW Calls for the Swift Confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

AAUW Chief Executive Officer Gloria L. Blackwell issued this statement following the recent confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson:

AAUW thanks Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for sharing her significant experience and sound judicial judgement with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

On the first day of the confirmation hearings, we were thrilled to join the joyful crowd gathered in front of the Supreme Court to celebrate her nomination. The moment was jubilant and filled us with hope for the future. Judge Jackson is uniquely qualified for the historic honor of serving as the first Black woman on the U.S. Supreme Court, ensuring that the highest court in the land represents the rich diversity of our nation.

During the hearings, Judge Jackson was well prepared and showed grace under pressure. Her professionalism, temperament and integrity were on full display as she responded to probing questions about her beliefs, judicial philosophy and past decisions and rulings—even those that attempted to mischaracterize her record. It was made crystal clear that her commitment to public service, and to the U.S. Constitution, is beyond reproach.

The confirmation hearings proved what we already knew: Judge Jackson is a stellar legal mind with impeccable character. She will make an exceptional Supreme Court Justice.

AAUW calls on the committee, and subsequently the U.S. Senate, to move forward in a timely manner to confirm Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court.