Membership Dues Change Frequently Asked Questions

This change to College/University (C/U) membership dues is overdue. Membership costs for AAUW have risen each year, yet dues have not increased to help keep pace. We have not adjusted the cost of C/U dues in 10 years. AAUW is also taking this opportunity to update our benefits package for C/U members. We look forward to sharing more information in spring 2024.

The Action Fund dues changes for individual members is procedural and will serve to help streamline AAUW’s operations.

No, individual members and students will not see a change in national dues for FY 2025. The proposed change to the Action Fund dues will simply reallocate those dues to AAUW, Inc. As a result, individual member dues will now be fully tax deductible, whereas previously only a portion of the dues were tax deductible.

No. AAUW will continue to operate and do policy work out of the Action Fund.

We are revamping the C/U benefits program. Further information will be provided in spring 2024.

Per the AAUW bylaws, AAUW membership must be notified 30 days before the board votes on a dues change. The email you received was the required notification to membership. This bylaws provision exists to allow members time to weigh in on a dues change before the vote happens (please submit any comments for the board via this link by Friday, December 1).

Yes, as the vote hasn’t been held yet. The board could choose not to change dues at this time.

Any changes approved by the Board of Directors would be effective for spring 2024, with the change in effect for individual members for the FY 2025 dues year. Again, there is no overall change to the national dues amount.

AAUW will update this page with results from the board’s vote.

A lot of planning goes into the annual dues collection process and we need to give AAUW staff time to plan effectively.

Please submit your comments via this link. All comments will be shared with the Board of Directors prior to the vote.