How to Support AAUW through Fundraising

Every gift to AAUW makes a difference — but your dollars go furthest when you donate to the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund or our strategic focus areas.

Use this guide to better understand why unrestricted funding helps unleash unrestricted possibilities for women and girls.

Three young women at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

AAUW Greatest Needs Fund (9110)

This fund allows AAUW to respond rapidly, in our communications and advocacy, to critical issues affecting women as they emerge — whether it’s a new threat to Title IX, an opportunity to partner with employers, or the dawn of a social justice movement like #MeToo. When donations are not restricted to fellowships or specific projects, we have the dollars we need to pivot as the national dialogue shifts — and get our work covered by major media outlets such as the New York Times, CNN and Fortune.

Greatest Needs is also what fuels our groundbreaking research and effective advocacy work to pass fair-pay laws and other key equity legislation.

Giving to Greatest Needs is a great way to ensure AAUW’s continued visibility, relevance and sustainability. On the donation form, please select “Use my gift where it’s needed most” to contribute to this important fund.

Other Strategic Giving Opportunities

Board room (photo by Benjamin Child for Unsplash)

Governance and Sustainability (4451)

Donating to the Governance and Sustainability Fund enables AAUW to function as effectively and efficiently as possible—following the latest best practices for hiring and governance and incorporating state-of-the-art technology into our member database and other systems.


Funds Chair Briefing

This webinar to AAUW funds chairs explains in greater detail how state and branch leaders can support our mission most effectively.

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