5 Ideas for Virtual Fundraising

We understand that programming and fundraising will need to be different this year, but we can’t give up hope. In fact, AAUW needs your help more than ever to advance equity during this challenging time. Here are some creative ideas for how to leverage online platforms.

1. Virtual Walk or “No Run Run”
Encourage members to keep active safely, by walking outside or on their treadmills. Miles can be logged through health monitoring apps on smartphones and watches. You can even solicit sponsorships and registrations. Afterwards, celebrate your highest achievers through a Zoom party.

2. Online Auctions
Silent auctions are very popular for branch fundraising, and moving these online can make the events even easier. You would collect items in advance, publicize your start and end dates, and market the event through your website and newsletter. You can set up a page for all the items to be reviewed and bid upon.

3. Virtual Cooking Lesson or Wine Tasting
Do you have any members who are gourmets or gourmands with connections to a local restaurant? Consider holding a cooking lesson, where you identify a recipe with easily attained ingredients. Charge your attendees to sit in as they are guided on how to prepare a delicious meal.

Similarly, you could encourage members to purchase a bottle (or more!) of wine for a guided virtual wine tasting. Or even combine both ideas for a unique pairing experience.

4. Guided Tour
Garden and home tours can be a good source of ticket sales and fundraising. While the pandemic precludes a large in-person tour, you can still collect a fee to stream a virtual tour of any interesting space you may have access to.

5. Product Sales
There are many industrious AAUW members among your branches who may have more time on their hands now than they did before. We’ve seen many cases where members are making masks and other unique items for online purchase. If the items also feature AAUW branding, you’re further spreading awareness of our organization in your community!

These are just a few examples. We want to hear from you on what your branch is planning to do in the coming months around fundraising and programming in these socially distant times. Please send your ideas to branchrelations@aauw.org! We are planning on holding a networking event for branch and state leaders to share success stories and spur creativity. Stay tuned for the date and time for this upcoming event.