How to Record and Submit Gifts

AAUW state and branch leaders—including funds chairs, finance chairs, treasurers and presidents—should use the contribution report form to record gifts to any of AAUW’s program areas. This form will guide you through the donation process to ensure that donations are routed to the intended fund and contributors are given receipts for their tax-deductible gifts and acknowledged for their philanthropic work. It can also be used to record donations made in honor or in memory of an individual.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. List the donor information (ID, name and complete address) for each contribution submitted with this form. If the donor is a branch, state or business, also include the name of a contact person. Indicate branch and state gifts in the Notes column. This information helps staff keep donor records updated and enables AAUW to send the tax receipt to the donor. Branches and states are also encouraged to send personalized thank-you notes to donors.
  2. Enter the branch and state to be credited. All AAUW branch member donations are credited to the member’s primary branch and state by default. If a donor wishes to credit another branch or state instead of her or his primary branch, list that branch name or code number. If the donation is from a branch, the branch will receive credit automatically.
  3. Enter the fund code number for the contribution. If the donor does not specify where the contribution should be applied, AAUW considers it an unrestricted gift to the AAUW Greatest Needs Fund (9110). See the attached list of fund names and numbers by program area.
  4. Enter the gift amount. This amount must match the amount on the donor’s check or the branch check.
  5. Add notes to inform staff of special instructions regarding this gift. (For example, “This contribution is in memory or honor of someone.”)
  6. Verify that the checks submitted equal the amount of contributions listed. Make checks payable to “AAUW” for tax-deductible contributions or to “AAUW Action Fund” for contributions that are not tax deductible.You may want to keep one copy for your branch records and another for your state records.
  7. Mail the completed form and contributions to the AAUW Development Department, P.O. Box 98045, Washington, D.C. 20090-8045. Contributions should be submitted within 30 days of receipt. For tracking purposes you may want to use a certified envelope when mailing checks to national.

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