Political vs. Partisan: A Guide to Your AAUW Advocacy Actions

When members take advocacy actions in the name of AAUW, those actions must be political rather than partisan. Here are some things to keep in mind when determining if your actions are political or partisan Read more »

What to Know about Being a Student Organization Adviser

As an adviser to an AAUW student organization, you play a critical part. You guide students in leadership roles and assist in the student organization’s day-to-day operations. Read more »

UCLA student organization members tabling on campus.

AAUW Student Organizations: Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in empowering women in your campus and community? Do you want a great leadership experience for your résumé? Then you should start an AAUW student organization to take advantage of all the resources and connections that AAUW has to offer. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about AAUW student orgs. Read more »

Group of women in white shirts on a college campus.

AAUW and Colleges/Universities: Glossary of Commonly Used Terms

Whether you’re a member leader who’s had a strong relationship with your local college or an e-student affiliate learning about AAUW for the first time, it’s helpful to know the terminology we use when we talk about colleges and universities. This glossary is a helpful tool for differentiating between terms and finding commonly used definitions. Read more »

Fundraising Ideas from the National Fundraising Committee

Popular branch and state fundraisers from members of the AAUW Fundraising Committee presented during the 2011 AAUW National Convention in Washington, DC. Read more »

AAUW College/University Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about AAUW College/University Membership. Read more »

AAUW Legacy Circle

By making a planned gift to AAUW national, you become a member of the AAUW Legacy Circle and affirm your commitment to women and girls. Planned gifts expand AAUW’s programs and public policy agenda by providing for future generations. Read more »