No amendments to the AAUW Bylaws have been proposed by the AAUW Governance Committee or AAUW Board of Directors for the 2019 vote.  Members can propose amendments to any AAUW bylaw now through 6:00 p.m. ET on January 11, 2019.

Here's how to propose an amendment:

  1. You must be logged in to propose an amendment or comment on one.
  2. Find the Article of the bylaws that you would like to propose an amendment to and click on the Article name.
  3. Scroll through the proposals that have already been posted, if any. Then type your proposal in the ‘Join the discussion...’ box.
  4. Click ‘Post Comment’.

Please include the article and section numbers with your proposed amendment changes. Proposed amendments should be entered in their amended form.

You can comment on proposals or other comments by clicking ‘Reply’ to their submission or clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate your preference on the proposal. You can also choose to receive an email when someone comments on a particular proposal by using the ‘Manage subscription’ function.

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All AAUW Bylaws by Article

Article I. Name and Office

Article I of the AAUW Bylaws states the organizational name and principal location. Read more »

Article II. Purpose

Article II of the AAUW Bylaws states the purpose of the organization and its programs. Read more »

Article III. Use of Name

Article III of the AAUW Bylaws states the proper use of AAUW’s corporate name by individual members.
Read more »

Article IV. Membership and Dues

Article IV of the AAUW Bylaws defines membership in the organization. Read more »

Article V. Nominations and Elections

Article V of AAUW Bylaws addresses the Nominating Committee and elections to the national Board of Directors. Read more »

Article VI. Officers and Directors

Article VI of AAUW’s Bylaws summarize the National Board of Directors, primary duties, and terms of office. Read more »

Article VII. Board of Directors

Article VII of the AAUW Bylaws states the powers and duties of the Board of Directors. Read more »

Article VIII. Executive Committee

Article VIII of the AAUW Bylaws states the powers and duties of the Executive Committee. Read more »

Article IX. Other Committees

Article IX of the AAUW Bylaws states the functions and powers of standing and other committees and task forces. Read more »

Article X. AAUW Affiliates

Article X of the AAUW Bylaws defines AAUW affiliate organizations. Read more »