Standing Committees, Committees, and Task Forces

Made up of volunteer members, committees and task forces carry out the core work behind AAUW’s accomplishments. Volunteers in these positions have the opportunity to grow as leaders and support AAUW’s mission.

AAUW committees collaborate with AAUW staff to carry out priorities set by the board of directors in accordance with AAUW Bylaws. Task forces are charged with specific duties for finite periods of time and may be appointed by the board chair with the approval of the AAUW Executive Committee.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Prepare prior to each committee/task force conference call by staying updated on AAUW policies, resources, and materials relevant to the work of the committee/task force.
  • Participate in all committee/task force calls and endeavors.
  • Accept and complete tasks identified by the committee/task force.
  • Embrace opportunities for leadership development in the role.
  • Collaborate harmoniously with a team; respect differing opinions but work toward consensus.
  • Be efficient and courteous in e-mail communications and conference call interactions.

Expected Time Commitments

Approximated time and work commitments are updated each year at the discretion of the committee chair and staff liaison. See descriptions below for details.

Standing Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee, acting independently of the AAUW Board of Directors, oversees the organization’s reporting practices, compliance, internal controls, and financial management related to the annual financial statement audit. Work requirements include financials and audit report reviews, engagement with Finance Committee, RFP development and auditor selection participation, and calls as required with AAUW staff and committee members. The committee shall report results to the AAUW Board of Directors.

Qualifications: All members of the Audit Committee shall have financial or budgetary experience; at least one member of the committee shall have financial expertise (i.e., appropriate degree, professional experience, or similar volunteer experience).

Time commitment: Monthly conference calls plus subcommittee work and phoning; approximately four to six hours a month. Quarterly time commitment includes 10–12 hours of conference calls for audit; 16–20 hours of conference calls on RFP years (every five years), including audit.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall oversee the preparation of the annual budget for presentation to the AAUW Board of Directors and shall advise the AAUW Board of Directors on the administration of the financial matters of the organization. This committee will monitor the transfer of funds to and from long-term investment funds in relation to amounts budgeted for use in operations in accordance with the board-approved annual budget. Transfer of funds to and from the long-term investments will be reported to the board through the regular monthly communication of financial reports. In addition, the committee shall oversee the acquisition and disposition of AAUW property and the investment of funds, with the exception of AAUW long-term funds.

Qualifications: All members of the Finance Committee shall have financial, budgetary, and nonprofit organization, professional, or similar volunteer investment experience and be able to read and comprehend financial statements.

Time commitment: Four to eight conference calls a year plus approximately four hours a month and additional assignments.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall oversee the bylaws and governance policies of AAUW and the AAUW Action Fund; receive, review, and report to the AAUW Board of Directors all bylaw amendment proposals and resolutions; and review and make recommendations concerning governance structure, trends, and best practices.

Qualifications: All members of the Governance Committee shall have legal training, experience with parliamentary procedure, or experience working with branch or state bylaws or bylaws of other nonprofit organizations.

Time commitment: Monthly conference calls plus subcommittee work; approximately five–10 hours a month.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee establishes investment guidelines and policies and has oversight, along with the AAUW Board of Directors, over the investment policies, investment portfolio, and investment activity of its portfolio managers. The Investment Committee will monitor the overall investment results; review compliance with investment objectives, guidelines, and policies; recommend to the AAUW Board of Directors the employment of investment advisers; establish guidelines for gifts, bequests, and devises to AAUW; manage the long-term funds; and report the investment results to the AAUW Board of Directors on a quarter-end basis.

Qualifications: The appointed committee members shall have knowledge of the field of investments, overall financial knowledge, and knowledge of AAUW programs.

Time commitment: Four to six conference calls a year plus approximately four hours a month.



Affiliate Program Resources Committee

(formerly the Branch Program Resources Committee or BPRC)

The Affiliate Program Resources Committee will work collaboratively with staff to promote the use of current AAUW resources to support affiliate mission-based programs within our communities.

College/University Committee

The College/University Committee will assist staff and AAUW affiliates in marketing and implementing the college/university member and student associate programs.

Time commitment: Monthly conference calls plus additional assignments; approximately 10 hours a month.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee will work in concert with staff to maximize impact of strategic philanthropic development and donor stewardship to ensure sustainability of AAUW’s programs.

Time commitment: Monthly conference calls of 60–90 minutes each plus additional assignments; approximately four to six hours a month.

Inclusion and Equity Committee

The Inclusion and Equity Committee will support AAUW affiliates in the implementation of diversity and inclusion efforts on the ground. The committee will also make recommendations to the board on ways that AAUW can continue to advance its diversity and inclusion efforts.

Time commitment: Monthly conference calls plus subcommittee work; approximately two to five hours a month.

Legal Advocacy Fund Committee

The Legal Advocacy Fund Committee will engage with staff in the strategic work and case support of the Legal Advocacy Fund to achieve educational and economic equity and civil rights for women and girls.

Time commitment: Three to five conference calls a year with considerable preparation before each call. Reviewing cases and requests for funding before each call takes approximately three to five hours, depending on the complexity of the cases. The request to review generally is sent to the committee a few days before the scheduled call.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will assist staff and AAUW affiliates in providing premier-quality member service and fostering a growing, global community of members, supporters, and advocates.

Time commitment: Participate in four conference calls per year, subgroup planning work as needed, and additional assignments.

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee will be cognizant of emerging national issues that affect women and girls as it works with AAUW staff on reviewing and approving the six-month public policy priority levels on federal issues; researching and curating member-proposed changes to develop, revise, and implement the biennially updated AAUW Public Policy Priorities supporting member, branch, and state advocacy efforts; and reviewing grants as appropriate.

Time commitment: Monthly committee calls as needed. Also required to conduct state outreach, join state public policy committee calls, and remain up-to-date on AAUW public policy issues.