Learning to Sail My Ship

In the United States, women have made great strides toward equality. Novelist and Little Women author, Louisa May Alcott, once said, “I am not afraid of the storms, for I […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   1 Comments   |   November 23, 2009

Highlights of AAUW’s First Annual College/University Luncheon!

“I firmly believe that our partnerships with colleges and universities and our ties with their individual students are the key to the future of this organization and a powerful catalyst […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   3 Comments   |   November 19, 2009

Meet AAUW’s New Student Leaders

Overseeing AAUW’s Student Advisory Council and working with amazing women from across the nation last year was a rewarding experience. The women of SAC provided valuable input on how AAUW […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   October 26, 2009

Women Taking Action to Protect Our Planet

One of those shining-star moments happens when the annual Women of Distinction Awards are presented during the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and attendees get to listen to […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   1 Comments   |   October 15, 2009

Women Who Win

The preliminary results from a recent Stanford University report say that women in Congress are better lawmakers than men. Researchers considered various factors, including the differences of agendas between Congressmen […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   September 25, 2009

Learn, Grow, Lead, and Make an Impact

Does this sound like you? You’ve thought about running for student government but aren’t sure how to go about it. You have a great plan for a campus program that […] Read more »

Blog   |   Community   |   1 Comments   |   August 26, 2009

Drive Time Radio and Mammy

Drive time radio can be annoying, informative, shocking, and sometimes just plain stupid. My usual 10-minute commute to the Metro has been extended this summer to 30 minutes as I […] Read more »

Blog   |   Education   |   7 Comments   |   August 10, 2009

Volunteering and the First Amendment

Thursday morning, about 100 pre-conference attendees at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders left the University of Maryland, College Park, in the mists of wet weather for downtown […] Read more »

Blog   |   Leadership   |   June 05, 2009

Women in Congress: Student Government as a Pathway to Power

American University’s Women & Politics Institute has gathered some interesting research on women in Congress and student governments. The institute asked women currently serving in Congress if they had previously […] Read more »

Blog   |   Leadership   |   1 Comments   |   May 12, 2009

My Journey Toward “Keeping the Change”

As a member of AAUW’s National Student Advisory Council, I am responsible for helping with a campus program focused on women’s equity, so I decided to help with the national […] Read more »

Blog   |   Career and Workplace   |   May 08, 2009