Vice Presidential Bingo

Given all the headlines today, “fun” has not been in the vocabulary of many when discussing events having huge potential impact. Between now and the November 4 election, we will […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   4 Comments   |   September 30, 2008

What Would You Ask the Candidates?

The first presidential debate is scheduled for this Friday, starting at 9:00 p.m. EST. Watching the presidential and vice presidential debates in the coming weeks is a great way to […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   8 Comments   |   September 24, 2008

Register to Vote

With AAUW’s latest Congressional Voting Record ready for digesting with one’s coffee, I thought I’d take a moment to chat about registering to vote. Wait — don’t stop reading because […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   5 Comments   |   September 17, 2008

How Did Your Members of Congress Vote?

As the elections draw closer and closer, AAUW’s Voter Education Campaign is in full swing across the country. Monday was no exception, as AAUW released our Congressional Voting Record for the […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   3 Comments   |   September 16, 2008

Women’s Events Help RNC Get Back on Track

Okay, so the first thing I need to say is this: I am writing this blog from the Xcel Energy Center press area. Yep, your intrepid Public Policy Director managed […] Read more »

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Armchair Politica

I don’t know about you, but when I’m watching TV and am in control of the remote, at commercials I bounce back and forth between channels trying to avoid the […] Read more »

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Unconventional Women

This is Lisa Maatz, your intrepid AAUW Public Policy Director, blogging to you directly from the Denver Convention Center. While I have a moment to catch my breath, I thought […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   August 25, 2008

Army Wives

Someone told me this show was worth watching at least once, given my Army background. My mother and grandmother were military wives, and I was definitely an “Army brat.” As […] Read more »

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Thinking About Not Voting?

In the wake of Hillary Clinton suspending her presidential campaign on Saturday, everyone has been talking about where her supporters will go now. The Sunday morning newspapers, airwaves, and blogs […] Read more »

Blog   |   Advocacy   |   6 Comments   |   June 12, 2008

18 Million Scratches

Having just spent several days being inspired by the entire 2008 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL), it certainly was hard to watch what potentially could have been […] Read more »

Blog   |   Leadership   |   3 Comments   |   June 09, 2008