You learn a lot inside and outside of the classroom. But college doesn’t teach you everything you need to know. That’s where AAUW comes in. We have leadership programs and resources that prepare you for the real world and help you become the generation that break through barriers women still face.

To join AAUW, you have to have a two-year degree or more from an accredited institution. But if you’re still a student, there are three ways that you can join AAUW now.

1. E-student affiliation (free)

E-student affiliation is free for all undergraduate students attending an AAUW college/university partner member institution. Since more than 800 schools are AAUW partner members, you’re likely eligible for this option. Upon graduation, e-student affiliates receive a free, one-year membership to AAUW as a graduation gift. Read more about why you should become an e-student affiliate.

2. Student affiliation ($17)

Undergraduate students at institutions that are not AAUW college/university partner members can join AAUW for $17 a year.

3. Graduate students ($18.81 for your first year and $49 a year thereafter)

If you’re in grad school, you’re already eligible to join AAUW at the branch or national level since you’ve already presumably earned an undergraduate degree. But you can get a graduate student discount: AAUW offers an introductory rate of $18.81 for your first year. After that, it’s $49 a year to get all the benefits of AAUW membership.

Join or Renew your AAUW student membership today!