Secure Your Financial Future

AAUW supports women’s financial well-being.

We want you to know your value, get paid what you’re worth and manage your money in a way that will make it grow. We offer free virtual workshops in salary negotiation, personal finance and more. Whether you’re looking to boost your earnings or build your savings, we’ve got what you need!

Young professional woman shakes hands with man, accepting job offer.
Work Smart

Salary Negotiation Workshops

AAUW has been fighting to close the gender pay gap for more than a century, and one important tool in our arsenal is teaching women to negotiate for salary, benefits and promotions. These workshops will help you:

• Determine your personal value.
• Set your target salary and benefits.
• Create your strategy to make your pitch.
• Practice, practice, practice.

Woman sitting on sofa looking at spreadsheet and calculator
Money Smart

Financial Literacy Workshops

When it comes to economic security, many women face significant challenges. A racial wealth gap and a wider-than-average gender wage gap make it difficult for many to get on firm financial footing. Our goal is to help you budget, save and plan for the future. Get counsel on how to approach investments and retirement planning. When it comes to money, the time to start thinking about the future is the present!

Our Partners

With generous support from The Coca-Cola Foundation, AAUW’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative is reaching the next generation of change agents to close the gender pay gap and leadership gap for women. Learn more.