2022 AAUW Bylaws Proposed Changes: Nominations


Each year, the AAUW membership elects four directors to the national Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee, appointed by the national board in July, is responsible for recommending candidates to be nominated by the board and presented to the membership for election in May.

Under AAUW’s current bylaws, the Nominating Committee is required to provide notice of open positions and request nominations eight months prior to the date of the election. This means notice must be sent in mid-September, eight months prior to the May election. The provision is a holdover from the days in which directors were elected at conventions through a much more complicated process. The provision is obsolete now that AAUW has moved to online voting and the number of directors to be elected each year is now set at four, given the membership approved move to staggered board terms back in 2018.

Aside from there being no need for the provision, it also has a negative effect on the work of the Nominating Committee. It unnecessarily reduces the time the committee has to reflect on and determine what skills and level of expertise are needed on the board prior to calling for applications/nominations. Current best practices for Nominating Committees include having a process which provides adequate time for careful review of current board member skills and contributions to the work of the board as well time to consider and prioritize expertise and other factors where there may be gaps on the board. Accordingly, the board recommends amending the bylaws provision as indicated below. The proposed revision does not in any way alter the ability of members to recommend potential nominees to the committee or to elect directors to the national board. It simply eliminates an obsolete fixed timeline that constrains the work of the Nominating Committee.

How to comment or propose a change:

  1. Read the current AAUW bylaws and review the proposed changes below.
  2. Submit any comments or proposed changes by 5:00 pm ET on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

All comments will be reviewed by the AAUW Governance Committee.



Section 2. Nominations.

  1. No later than eight months prior to elections, the Nominating Committee Chair shall notify all AAUW Individual Members of the Officer and Director positions to be elected by the Individual Members and request nominations. Qualified candidates may be proposed by individual members, the Nominating Committee, and other stakeholders, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall submit recommendations to the Board of Directors for its approval and announcement of the names of one or more nominees for each elected position to be filled. The Board of Directors shall have the power to refuse to place on the ballot for election any Individual Member nominated by candidate proposed by one or more Individual Members, the Nominating Committee, or any other person. The names of the nominees approved by the Board of Directors, with their credentials, shall be published for all Individual Members at least thirty days prior to the election.