Workshop: As Easy as the Chicken Dance: Ways to Move Pay Equity in Your State

Equal pay legislation isn’t just an issue for the federal government. You can also move equal pay legislation at the state level. This workshop gives an overview of which states have made progress on equal pay, whether in the form of state legislation, an executive order, or through other means, and what that entails. By the end of the workshop, you’ll know the options available to you and the tools you’ll need to move equal pay in your state.

Resources for the “As Easy as the Chicken Dance” workshop:

  1. State Equal Pay Presentation
  2. The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

This workshop was originally presented at the AAUW 2013 National Convention by President of AAUW of New Jersey Sally Goodson, AAUW Vice President of Government Relations Lisa Maatz, and AAUW Director of Research Catherine Hill.

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