Workshop: A View of Our Future: Stories from Young Women Leaders

This workshop showcases that AAUW’s mission is dependent on the passion and leadership of young women. Our Campus Leadership Programs reach thousands of college women every year, and AAUW is now connected with the Younger Women’s Task Force, chapters for women in their 20s and 30s. Participants at this workshop will hear from several young AAUW leaders about their stories, what drives them to work on women’s equity, and how they want to shape AAUW’s future. The presentation and facilitator questions can be used for any state/branch seeking to feature young women leaders of AAUW from their own community and offer a dialogue on intergenerational opportunities for engagement in AAUW.

Resources for the “A View of the Future” workshop:

  1. A View of the Future PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)
  2. A View of the Future Facilitator Questions (PDF)

This workshop was originally presented at the AAUW 2013 National Convention by AAUW Director of Campus Leadership Programs Kate Farrar, Student Advisory Council Member Dee Shedrick of Louisiana, Chapter Director of Younger Women’s Task Force Trang Nguyen, and National Student Advisory Council Member Maureen Evans Arthurs.

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