Video: Help AAUW #StandUptoSexism

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“You play like a girl.”
“You should smile more.”
“Women are so emotional.”
“You’re really pretty for having dark skin.”
“Women aren’t natural leaders.”

We’ve heard it all before.

Sexist microaggressions, often wrapped up in racialized biases, make us doubt ourselves, whether we’re second-guessing a great idea, feeling self-conscious about our bodies, or receiving less pay or less respect. Seemingly small acts of sexism contribute to the gender leadership gap, and that gap creates a culture where women’s work is devalued. It’s only a small step from there to devaluing ourselves.

Help AAUW challenge harmful stereotypes and biases by sharing this video far and wide with the hashtag #StandUptoSexism.

Want to take your activism to the next level? Here’s how:

I stand up to sexism even when I stand alone

Join the Campaign

Print AAUW’s free PDF and show your followers how or why you #standuptosexism.

Illustration of a woman surrounded by speech bubbles showing gender-biased comments

Facilitate a Conversation

Our new discussion guide helps you lead an important conversation in your community around gender-based microaggressions!

Get Empowered

When it comes to sexism, stand up, don’t stand by. Here’s how you can organize, protest, and push back against gender inequality.