University of Central Florida’s Campus Action Project Grant: L.O.L.: Leading Out Loud

University of Central Florida, Florida


L.O.L.: Leading Out Loud


The Young Women Leaders Program at the University of Central Florida created a workshop that addressed anti-bullying and harassment issues to over 100 middle school students.


Through their CAP grant, the University of Central Florida (UCF) Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) incorporated sexual harassment into their established mentoring program with local middle school students in several ways. First, they held Anti-Bullying and Harassment Workshops (L.O.L.: Leading Out Loud) at local middle schools and reached about 1,000 students. Many students expressed how much they were in agreement with efforts to end bullying and harassment and they made a pledge that they would help the CAP team make a change.

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Second, over 140 individuals attended a workshop at UCF at the end of March. There were 25 YWLP mentees in seventh grade, 80 fifth graders, and several campus student volunteers. During the workshop, the YWLP middle school participants, with help from their campus Big Sister mentors, created and led lessons on sexual harassment and bullying for the fifth grade students. These lessons included how to identify what is bullying/harassment, non-violent ways to react, and how to get help for yourself or others that may be bullied/harassed. Having the seventh graders in the role as mentors to the fifth grade students provided them with a sense of pride and ownership with their activities and reaching out to the students. Feedback was positive from all participants.

The CAP team conducted interviews with parents/guardians of YWLP participants as well as interviews with the middle school students to provide more in-depth information on individuals’ views and experiences with bullying and harassment.


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