Turn Your Branch Meeting into a Polling Place!

AAUW members have a unique opportunity to shape the future of our organization. You can help make exercising this important right both easy and fun by encouraging members to vote this spring.

Simply designate one or two of your branch meetings as voting days. Then bring a few laptops or tablets to the meetings, and ask everyone to vote!

Working at home

Things You’ll Need

  1. Laptops or tablets for voting
  1. Good internet connection at your voting location

How to Get Ready for Your Voting Day

  1. The month before, remind members to do their homework! Read up on proposed bylaws and resolutions.
  1. Remind members to bring their member number and voter PIN. They can also email connect@aauw.org or call 800.326.2289 to get this information before your branch’s voting day.
  1. Talk it up! The month before voting day is a great time to talk about AAUW’s mission and the importance of voting.
  1. Make it fun! Decorate your meeting space and offer prizes for certain milestones, such as
    • Member who has voted in the most elections
    • First-time voters
    • Person who traveled the farthest to vote
    • Mother/daughter voters

Vote Badges

How to Set Up Your Polling Place

  1. Ask several of your members to bring laptops or tablets to the meeting. Spaced apart from one another, these are now your “voting booths.”
  1. On each laptop or tablet, go to the national vote page.
  1. Now you’re ready to vote! From the vote page
    • Click on the Vote button.
    • Enter your member ID and voter PIN.
    • Vote for candidates and on the bylaws amendments, proposed resolutions, and Public Policy Program changes.
    • Click on the Vote button to cast your ballot.
  1. Appoint volunteers to refresh the election page (i.e., clear the browser cache) after each member votes. That way members will not see a message thanking them for voting BEFORE they place their votes.



AAUW Board
Policy Manual

Review AAUW Board policies and responsibilities regarding operations, membership, and finances.

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2018 National Bylaws Amendment Vote

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AAUW Bylaws

These rules and regulations provide a framework for AAUW’s operation and management.