Towson University’s Campus Action Project: Women in the Red

Towson University, Baltimore County, MD


Women in the Red


The primary objectives of Towson University’s project were to educate the campus community on the wage gap and equip female students with skills to negotiate for equitable salaries. This was accomplished with three major activities: a campus-wide publicity campaign, awareness raising events, and salary negotiation workshops.


Towson University primarily focused on conducting workshops with various student groups in order to raise more awareness about the gender wage gap.  The CAP team worked with a diverse group of students including: Sisterhood, a student group; Students Achieving Goals through Education, a mentoring group; and Greek Life. In total, nearly 200 students were reached through wage gap workshops.

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In addition to these wage gap workshops, Towson offered more in-depth salary negotiation workshops through the $tart $mart program.  $tart $mart Salary Negotiation was offered to 72 students at a campus-wide training during the Women in Leadership Conference and the Black Student Leadership Conference. The annual Women in Leadership Conference adopted salary negotiation as a part of its annual theme and all conference attendees received information on the wage gap. In addition, 5 staff and 2 students were trained as $tart $mart facilitators.

Towson hosted a Tech-In event for Equal Pay Day, which featured laptops and iPads at a highly visible campus location. Students received information, engaged with online content such as the AAUW salary calculator, and tweeted pictures of themselves in front of signs while wearing T-shirts. Towson also hosted an “Unhappy Hour” event for Equal Pay Day.

For promotional and marketing campaign efforts, hundreds of handouts, including 250 Wage Gap T-shirts, and hundreds of Wage Gap buttons all featuring our Tumblr page were given to students. Large red signs went up around campus with slogans including the tagline, “Do You Deserve Le$$?”

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