Resources for State and Branch Membership Officers

The role of membership vice president (MVP) is an extraordinary one. Designed with relationship building in mind, this position engages potential and current members and keeps a finger on the pulse of everything AAUW.

AAUW appreciates the hard work and efforts of the volunteers who serve as membership vice presidents or on membership committees. Use these resources to help AAUW retain current members and expand our community as we move forward together in our mission.



Whether you’re new to the MVP position or returning, these are basic resources designed to empower you in your work.


Refine Your Recruitment Skills


Enhance Your Engagement


Rev Up Retention Efforts


Useful Upcoming Webinars


Share with Us


After using AAUW’s Know the Score Program in a Box to investigate Title IX compliance in local schools, Laura Manthey and the AAUW San Jose (CA) Branch realized that many school districts were failing to identify a Title IX coordinator.

Programs in a Box

AAUW’s online Programs in a Box (PIABs) offer members ideas and instructions for mission-based activities. Each Program in a Box outlines the “what, why, and how” to implement a program.

Adelante Book of the Month Club book covers collage

¡Adelante! Book of the Month Club

AAUW members enjoy exploring new ideas and perspectives through monthly discussions, both in person and through e-mail.

Diversity and Inclusion Tool Kit

Diversity and Inclusion Tool Kit

To succeed in empowering women and girls, we must have diverse voices contributing different perspectives.