What is the AAUW Fund?

The AAUW Fund is a general fund for unrestricted gifts, which are used when and where they are most needed. This prevents overfunded and underfunded areas that keep AAUW from reaching our full mission potential. By donating to the AAUW Fund, you are helping incubate and grow our highly successful, community-based, mission-driven programs, such as Tech Trek and Tech Savvy, Start Smart and Work Smart, the Legal Advocacy Fund, the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, research, and other initiatives.

In the past, AAUW’s national membership dues covered the costs of managing and running mission-based programs. Though membership numbers have remained steady the past several years, membership dues have remained the same, and program costs have risen annually. AAUW national membership dues cover just 30 percent of the funds needed to support the mission-based programs and advocacy efforts that are fundamental to AAUW’s ongoing effectiveness.

The majority of AAUW’s 1,000 separate fund codes identify our named, restricted funds, collectively called the AAUW endowment, which provide the support for AAUW’s fellowships and grants. A few other fund codes denote smaller pools of restricted funds, spendable solely for specific programs, such as the Legal Advocacy Fund and research. Every other program receives full or partial funding from the AAUW Fund, which derives primarily from unrestricted contributions, with a small amount coming from dues and sponsorships. Unrestricted gifts make it possible for AAUW to respond quickly to new or unforeseen challenges facing women and girls, leverage and innovate mission-based opportunities, and attract new audiences by enabling us to expand our programs.

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University of Iowa student org seels baked good at a discount to women during an Equal Pay Day bake sale fundraiser

AAUW Student Leader Fundraising Guide

Donations from your AAUW student organization help us fight for equal pay, fund on-campus activism, and much more.

A closeup of a calculator with the number 95,000 on the screen sitting on top of dollar bills.

Resources for AAUW Fundraisers

Forms, guidelines, and tips to help for branch and state leaders plan, manage, and execute fundraising efforts.

Image by Howard Lake, "Keep calm and raise cash at National Arts Fundraising School. #nafs", Flickr

Fundraising Policy 501 and Resources

AAUW Fundraising Policy 501 and its related guidelines and FAQs will help AAUW and all AAUW-affiliated entities stay current and preserve their nonprofit status.