AAUW Student Organization
Giving Tuesday Challenge

AAUW fighting the patriarchy on campus since 1881. Lead on your campus with AAUW. Visit AAUW Campus Leaderhip Programs.You have the chance to change the lives of women and girls on Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is a global day for giving back, and this year 100-plus AAUW student organizations will compete to see who can raise the most funds and have the biggest impact.

You’ve seen firsthand what AAUW’s programs can do for students. By raising money for AAUW, you will pay it forward by sharing AAUW’s life-changing campus leadership programs with women and girls across the country. Even better, the AAUW student organization that raises the most money through this challenge will win a $100 gift card to ShopAAUW and the opportunity to take over AAUW’s official Instagram account.

This competition is live now through
December 1, 2016.



Getting Involved Is Easy!

1. Create an action plan.

Meet with your student organization’s leadership board to create a game plan for getting the word out. Set a goal for yourselves individually and as a group. If every AAUW student organization raised just $100, a total of $10,000 would be donated to programs for women and girls. Your goal should be realistic but ambitious.

2. Announce it early.

Share your plan to participate in the AAUW Giving Tuesday challenge, and encourage your followers to support you. This will give your potential donors time to respond and give. If your school allows it, fundraise early through creative campus programming.

3. Utilize your networks.

Widening your reach will increase your potential donations. Use AAUW’s sample outreach e-mail and social media posts below. Be sure to remind your donors to select your student organization when they make their gift. That’s how we will be tracking the competition!

4. Go big online.

Put your social media and communications skills to the test by tweeting, posting, and sharing about the challenge. Use your existing student organization Twitter and/or Facebook pages, as well as your personal social media accounts, to amplify your reach.

5. Personalize your ask.

Why do you love your student organization? Why do you believe in AAUW’s mission? Your family, friends, classmates, and followers want to know what makes it personal for you.

The challenge ends December 1, so start planning now! If you have any questions, please contact leadership@aauw.org.

Giving Tuesday Challenge Tool Kit

You are the most important part of making this a success. This tool kit has all the resources you need to get started:

  • Use the hashtag #AAUWgives on social media when promoting your fundraising efforts. AAUW will be monitoring the hashtag and will help retweet, share, and amplify your posts! We also encourage you to tag AAUW on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Share regular updates about the competition, and encourage supporters to give in your student organization’s honor. A great way to engage donors is by updating how close you are to your goal and tapping into school pride and how they can help you win.
  • Show off your work, and illustrate your impact! Engage donors and community members by sharing photos of some of the great events that your AAUW student org has held as well as any news articles or write-ups about your work.


Sample Social Media Posts
Download an image to share on social media.

Sample Tweets

We’re working to end campus sexual assault — and so much more. You can help! http://bit.ly/2fVBTRg #AAUWgives #ItsOnUs

Want to help change the climate for women at [tag school]? Support our work this #GivingTuesday: http://bit.ly/2fVBTRg #AAUWgives

Help us win @AAUW’s student org #GivingTuesday challenge! We want to show them that [tag school] is committed to gender equity. Join us: http://bit.ly/2fVBTRg #AAUWgives

With your help, we can close the gender leadership gap. Support our student organizing work this #GivingTuesday: http://bit.ly/2fVBTRg #AAUWgives

We’re competing in @AAUW’s student org #GivingTuesday challenge. Donate in our honor & help show that [hastag of your school mascot or nickname] is committed to gender equity: http://bit.ly/2fVBTRg  #AAUWgives

Care about gender equity at [tag school]? Support our student organizing work this #GivingTuesday: http://bit.ly/2fVBTRg  #AAUWgives

Sample Outreach E-mail
Use this e-mail template to create a personalized ask for family, friends, classmates, and other campus organizations to support your fundraising efforts. Don’t be afraid to ask; the worst that you’ll hear is no. Feel free to copy, paste, and adjust for your audience.

Dear [name],

Since 1881, AAUW has been advocating for women’s rights, and I’m helping lead the way. My AAUW student organization is working every day to fight for social justice issues, build feminist communities, and demand equality for women and girls!

As an AAUW student organization leader, I have been able to help create programs that make a difference for women and girls. We’ve taken action on everything from fighting for fair pay to supporting women in leadership to helping stop campus sexual assault.

Now, we are taking our activism a step further and participating in AAUW’s student organization giving challenge. We are competing with more than 100 other student organizations to see who can raise the most funds and have the biggest impact! The competition lasts now through December 1, 2016.

Please join me in the fight by making an online donation toward my goal of [your personal or organization’s goal] in honor of my AAUW student organization at [your school].

Your support will make it possible for us to continue our fight for gender equality and to empower women across our campus and beyond.

Thank you for your generous support,

[Your name]



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