State Finance Chair Position Description

The state finance officer oversees the fiscal operations of the state organization.

Overall Responsibilities

  • Open and maintain state checking and/or savings accounts and establish authorized check signers for your state. Affiliates must use their own IRS-assigned Tax Identification Number (TIN) on all bank accounts.
  • Work with your finance officer — and local affiliate membership vice president if applicable — to make sure all membership fees are submitted, including filing the necessary forms with the AAUW national office.
  • Process and submit AAUW and AAUW Action Fund contributions in compliance with proper financial accounting procedures, IRS regulations, and AAUW
  • Work with your state board to evaluate the financial health and stability of your state’s finances, develop a budget that supports your state’s programs and activities, and support a state financial review process.
  • Prepare a financial statement that includes an analysis of actual performance against the budget at least once per quarter.
  • Be aware of relevant federal and state charitable tax issues and legal liabilities.
  • File IRS Form 990-N (gross receipts $50,000 or less), 990-EZ (gross receipts under $200,000), or 990 based on gross annual receipts and total asset thresholds.
  • Protect the assets of the state by securing adequate insurance coverage and implementing internal controls and procedures.
  • Retain in good order all financial statements, IRS forms and correspondence, sales and use tax certificates, tax determination letters, paid checks, deposits, contracts, and other financial supporting documents consistent with best practices and state laws.

Responsibilities to Affiliates in Your State

  • Provide support and technical assistance to finance officers as needed.
  • Review and maintain state copies of dues, fees, membership, and contribution reports.

Responsibilities to AAUW National Office

  • Work with other officers in your state to ensure that all dues and fees, due and fee reports, and contributions and contribution reports are submitted and filed with the national office according to established procedures and time lines.
  • Ensure that your state complies with all federal and state charitable tax laws and procedures and generally accepted accounting principles and practices.
  • Ensure that all federal and state authorities and the AAUW national office have the correct contact information for your state.

Time Commitment

  • In addition to the above responsibilities, the finance officer also serves on the state board of directors and other committees as assigned.

Review the AAUW national, state, and branch leadership positions