State Diversity and Inclusion Chair Position Description

The state diversity and inclusion chair (SDIC) develops, implements, and monitors programs and activities that promote diversity and inclusion at the AAUW state level. The person in this position values, considers, and advocates for solutions that meet the needs of all.

Responsibilities of Each Member of the State Board

  • Align strategic direction of AAUW affiliates in your state with each other and with AAUW national
  • Identify and connect branches with resources, opportunities, and training that will empower branches to meet their goals most effectively
  • Create and maintain structures that facilitate interbranch and branch-to-state communication and collaboration

Specific Responsibilities of the State Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Responsibilities to Your State

  • Initiate actions to foster an open and inclusive environment
  • Serve as the “go-to” person for inclusion issues that must be addressed by the state
  • Use the AAUW Diversity and Inclusion Tool Kit to develop a broadly inclusive, diverse, and welcoming membership, culture, and climate
  • Develop programs to attract and retain a diverse membership for the state; the programs may be developed in conjunction with the program vice president or other appropriate AAUW leaders
  • When introducing diversity and inclusion initiatives, consider the unique needs of the state and coordinate with board members to achieve goals and objectives
  • Coordinate the purchase or preparation of appropriate training and other materials as needed in order to support diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Update programming and related activities to ensure that they remain relevant to changing trends in diversity and inclusion
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives and make recommendations for future programs and activities
  • Seek to include diversity at all levels of the organization, specifically at state meetings and conventions

Responsibilities to Branches in Your State

  • Provide guidance to assist branches in Initiating actions to foster an open and inclusive environment
  • Provide guidance to branches in helping serve as the “go-to” person for inclusion issues that must be addressed by the branch
  • Develop sessions to educate members and leaders on how to recognize, consider, accommodate, value, appreciate, and advocate for individual differences
  • Educate members on how differences in race, gender, national origin, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical disability can be incorporated to strengthen the overall branch
  • Maintain contact with others in the community whose knowledge and experience could assist the branch in enhancing its diversity and inclusion focus

Responsibilities to AAUW

  • Foster and continuously monitor the culture and climate for membership growth at all levels in ways that explicitly celebrate inclusiveness and diversity
  • Maintain contact with AAUW national, particularly in regard to diversity and inclusion tools and outreach efforts; comply with all reporting requirements
  • Commit the requisite number of hours to the position in order to accomplish the above duties and responsibilities
  • Actively attend and participate in board and membership meetings and other activities, as needed

Leadership Skills Helpful to the Position

A good candidate will have experience working in or volunteering in a diversity and inclusion capacity or on tasks that have required implementing diversity and inclusion programs in the past. The following skills are also recommended:

  • Internal and external communication skills, including language monitoring in all media, especially social media
  • Cross-cultural awareness, including an understanding that each AAUW affiliate fosters its own culture, climate, and identity
  • Leadership and managerial abilities
  • Skill in marketing and coalition building
  • Knowledge of AAUW’s history and mission

Time Commitment

Approximate time required for this position is 10 hours per month. Attendance at state board meeting and conventions is required. Attendance at the AAUW National Convention is strongly encouraged.