Solving the Equation Videos: Lead Your Own Discussion

Now that you’ve had a chance to digest the findings of Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing, it’s time to take those findings and start sharing and applying them within your community.

The report — and the videos described below — offer the perfect mission-based topic for a branch meeting or an opportunity to reach out and engage with the community, raising awareness and recruiting new members as you do so. You can also advertise and recruit volunteers for any STEM programming your branch or state already puts on.

Solving the Equation Launch Panel

This 90-minute recording of the launch event in Silicon Valley offers a ready-made, in-depth discussion of the report and some of its applications. You can easily download this video and project it at a meeting to learn more about the progress by and the challenges for employers as they work to bring more women into engineering and computing fields.

A panel of experts from the industry and academia, moderated by leading gender-in-science researcher Londa Schiebinger, discussed the report’s findings and what they mean.

Panelists included

Watch video on YouTube.

Solving the Equation Findings

This 10-minute video featuring report co-authors and AAUW researchers Catherine Hill and Christianne Corbett provides an overview of the major takeaways from Solving the Equation. Show it as one part of a branch meeting or build your own discussion around it.

At the launch event, this video preceded a discussion among executives at major technology companies about how to welcome women into engineering and computing fields. You can also use it as an introduction to report findings before convening a deeper discussion among attendees or to inspire your own set of panelists.

Watch video on YouTube.

Convene Your Own Panel

Most communities have engineering and computing job opportunities and employers. Take advantage and localize the discussion. The report provides recommendations for employers, educators, parents, and lawmakers, many of whom are eager to take steps to increase the numbers of women in these fields.

Invite representatives from each constituency to respond to some pre-written questions and then open the discussion up to audience questions. Try to develop some action steps specific to your community and the companies, schools, or legislative bodies represented.

You can also download, print, and distribute a one-pager with the Solving the Equation’s major findings described, or guide discussion with the PowerPoint presentation developed by the report’s authors.

Use the Opportunity to Recruit!

Don’t forget to set up a table with information about AAUW so that any newcomers can learn more and join for half price through the Shape the Future campaign!

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