6 Steps to Diverse, Engaging Programs

Are you tired of holding the same programs year after year? Are you wondering what programs can invigorate your branch and diversify your membership base? Holding programs that reflect the interests and highlight the voices of diverse people is a key component to a strong diversity and inclusion strategy. It will indicate to potential and current members that diversity is a priority for the branch and attract new members you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

AAUW’s Programs in a Box contain great ideas for new programs and sample templates to help you plan and execute your event.

This is a part of the AAUW Diversity and Inclusion Tool Kit.

What Does a Successful Program Look Like?

Make sure that you have your vision of success front and center as you consider and plan for future pro­gramming. A vision of success will help you determine not only the type of programs that you should hold but also what steps you need to take to plan for and execute the event. After the event, your vision will help you recognize and celebrate what you’ve accomplished and determine how you can improve next time.

Consider making the following attributes part of your vision for success:

  • The program was related to the mission.
  • The program was well attended.
  • Attendees included people with identities currently underrepresented in your branch.
  • New people came and left wanting to join AAUW.
  • Event attendees were engaged and not bored.
  • Attendees got to interact with each other.
  • Attendees got to share their unique perspectives and listen to others.
  • Attendees learned something new.
  • Many branch members worked together to make the event happen.
  • The branch successfully collaborated with another community group.
  • Presenters represented diverse identities and viewpoints.
  • The program was executed smoothly and without major hiccups.

Reach out to the AAUW Affliate Program Resource Committee (formerly the Branch Program Resources Committee or BPRC) members and AAUW staff for help or to share your successes. They are eager and available to offer assistance with your branch programs. You can reach the committee with questions or success stories at program@aauw.org. Success stories may be posted on AAUW’s website or Facebook page, and your program may even become a Program in a Box!

The 6 Steps

Visions for success vary from program to program, and different branches have different programming needs. Regardless of your specific vision, these six steps can help ensure that your program is successful.

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2. Choose Spicy Programs

3. Choose Your Program Format

4. Collaborate with Diverse Groups

5. Plan Logistics for Your Program

6. Spread the Word

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