How to Build Your Branch’s Online Presence

If you Google your branch name, what pops up in the search results?

Online presence is the collective profile of a company or individual, and maintaining a strong web presence with up-to-date and relevant information is key to being discovered by new supporters and members!

The Internet is a very powerful tool for marketing your branch or organization, but using it effectively requires a strong foundation. If you’re not already using the following two tools, you should consider developing them for your group’s use.

1. Website:

This is the starting place for your branch to develop your online brand. Your website should offer prospective members three things: who you are as a group, what you do, and how you do it. The main focus of the website is to help your branch get discovered by new people who know nothing about AAUW. Additionally, your branch members can use the website as a resource to stay informed about AAUW news and opportunities.

AAUW offers your branch or organization an affordable website option* through Site Resources. We build websites on WordPress, an easy-to-use platform that has been widely adopted by businesses and organizations large and small. We also teach you how to use your website and offer you support through a dedicated Site Resources manager and full technical support team.

If you still have questions, review the full process for developing
your branch’s website.

If you’re ready to get started, visit the Site Resources website and fill out the service agreement.

2. Social media presence:

Social media should be used to engage with people in a timely manner; a crucial aspect of social media is that it’s constantly changing. Check out our guide on how to use social media effectively to market your branch. Encourage your members to use social media to share what’s going on locally and to engage with people who are not members of your branch. Including a call to action with each of your posts — for example, “Join us at this month’s meeting!” — will also encourage people to get involved.

Bonus ideas! Integrate social media with your website to reach the largest audience possible. Or share content from your website on social media to grow your website’s visibility. Likewise, add social media widgets to your site to increase your followers on social media.

If you have any questions about your website or marketing your branch through Site Resources, contact the Site Resources office or visit our website.


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