Campus Faculty and Staff Tool Kit

Students, faculty, and staff at the University of South Florida work on AAUW projects.

Students work closely with faculty and staff on AAUW projects at the University of South Florida.

College/university faculty and staff members have access to a variety of roles and opportunities within AAUW. Campus administrators can build their leadership skills with AAUW by serving in a local or national role, applying for education and research funding, or accessing professional development networking opportunities. Use these resources to help further your engagement with AAUW.

The value AAUW [campus leadership] programs brings to our campus cannot be overstated. Through AAUW Start Smart workshops, we have been able to train hundreds of students to negotiate for a fair salary. Each year that we have hosted an Elect Her workshop, our participants have been elected to student government positions. This year, one of our alumnae was elected as our first female student body president in 15 years.

— Heather Wheeler, program coordinator for the Women’s Resource Center in the Division of Student Affairs at Texas A&M University

Excel as a C/U Representative

Do you serve as your campus’ liaison to AAUW? Learn more about the college/university (C/U) representative position and ways to make the most of your institution’s AAUW membership.

Access Research Funding

As a campus administrator, you can apply for AAUW fellowships and grants, which provide funding for research projects or degree programs. Or, serve on a selection panel to help select future AAUW fellows and grantees.

Support Advocacy on Campus

You can also support your students by working with them on AAUW-funded campus advocacy projects.

Increase Your Institution’s Visibility

As a part of AAUW’s community, you can raise your college or university’s global profile. Advertise your institution’s degree programs and job opportunities through AAUW and get your name out there on our social media and publications.

Step Up as a Leader

AAUW’s campus leadership programs offer specific opportunities for you to refine your leadership skills as a campus administrator.

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